Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Hindrance to Transformation

Most people keep on dreaming, and dreaming, and dreaming. Most are working for it. But for some, it will be kept as a dream.


An individual is wondering, thinking, and hoping. Imagine a child that stares out on the window and sees the nature going on with the norms. Looking at others playing sports of any kind and having the interest of it, he or she is imagining like one of the athletes that will play on the field. Likewise, looking at people with corporate attires going to offices will make the child imagining like a professional, that has the expertise of everything.

However, that kid is simply that lazy to do just that. Assume him or her going to school late, just in time for examination. One would wonder if he or she prepares of what is coming. It is good to be true though, that despite the time spent just to review and exercising notes will just end up to waste, as if nothing goes in return despite the mere fact that the effort is there.

These examples are hindrance in success. But, how about hindrance to transformation?

Reaching goals was like jumping on a bridge, several stories high.


Take this adage "failing is part of learning." Then, assume this: What about that person does not fail in his or her studies. Does that make him a better person?

The answer is, partially yes. Although that such matter will make a person more successful as most of his or her classmates, but consider this: No matter how intelligent the person is, if the attitude is as rotten as those of smelly, rotten dead rats, then the chances for betterment are slim.

So, what now? What's the point for all of this things? The answer is just simple. Let us link success and transformation with all of those hindrances to life. Then, there goes this quote that says "change for the better." What kind of betterment? It is the betterment of the individual. The change that everybody benefits, to the limited extent that no one will abuse or to take opportunity to such change, so on and so fourth.

The implication regarding this matter is indeed widespread, that we are talking about the civilization of mankind as we speak that almost everyday, there are instances that the everyday routine will suddenly change a bit, putting a person out of the comfort zone, doubts came, it was too late for plan b, then, failure of epic proportion comes in, wasting a lot of time and effort to one, single, and a very minor kind of mistake.

The room for error is slim, in all instances, that in order to go with it, one must plan very action that is needed so that it will all go according to plan. It is the difference of a needle entering the portion of a cloth - in the right part where it is necessary knitted.

Time to overcome the greatest challenge in life.

The whole point is that in almost everything we do in life, we must be aware of what direction should we take, and regardless of what we feel, think, or doing, a person like me and you must think of the next move, like playing chess. in order for such hindrance to go 'checkmate', sacrifice some of the leisure time, whether it may be sleeping to much or some other non value-adding activities.

A person must not give up dreaming. Time to transform these dreams into reality. It is known that most of the sessions are indeed boring or difficult to tackle, but the attention and dedication is needed in order to put the principles of any kind, whether it may be sports, academic, business, or others, into our mind and to accept it wholeheartedly.

Simply speaking, there is no hindrance with combined effort and effective thinking. An effective plan on paper should go along with the compliance needed wholeheartedly. We think, we plan, we follow, then success.

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