Friday, April 10, 2015

Obstacles And Challenges

Someone would wonder: "Why do I fail? I seen my friends graduated with prestigious awards. And I am here. A nobody. They are expecting for me. And I failed them. And also for that, my relatives seems to be laughing at me. My friends left me. And I that I am alone. I have no choice but to weep. What would I do?"

This applies to all students who suffer from series of failing grades.


The above introductory statement, in my case, is half-correct. I face an ultimate dilemma on handling time. Let's just say that I am a bread winner, and they have the high expectations on me. It was like any other student trying to do the very best, and just fail. The odds are started to be against a student like me. Terror professors using the deadliest of tactics against a wave after wave of student offensive, seems like a battlefield that is full of bloodshed, depression, deceit, defeat, costly. I may say that college life is a bit of liberalized part of your life, but one may say that high school is much better due to lesser problems.

You hate this. Right? Source:

The irony is there. There is lack of honor at being demoralized by bad grades and being envious at friends going to the light. A student is been put at hot water by their parents. A worthless investment indeed. A waste of tuition money. It's not beneficial, nor even feasible. Love life does not help, albeit it make matters worse due from it. Too much hallucination, on a basis of one thing. A stuffed toy, a cuddly pet, or even a toy firetruck, will give remembrance, intensifying the two extremes - being inspired, or being high. It varies from person to person, but what matters best, based on a wise decision, then it is. A motivation is fueled, an optimistic approach is used, to tackle all things that is an obstacle in the long-term goal. It instills in mind, and momentum is there, success is prevalent.


'kinda like a chess game. No victory without sacrifice. The same applies on academics. Luxuries and addictions must be eliminated, if glory is needed. A student on-doings, is limited to all that is logic, minus emotions. I'd rather write a blog like this rather being wasted by time checking worthless Facebook posts, pointless tweets, selfish Instagram posts, so on and so fourth. Stop watching television, for it will distract you. A worth a sacrifice makes a more productive, yet sensual time. One must be informed, that sacrifice is worth it in the end. Like a battle won without sacrifice - death for glory.


A college student, or a high school one, must seek for a support of a divine, supreme being called God not unless if one is scientific, or Atheist in nature. A prayer is needed to motivate and to give strength, much guidance and the like, for the blessings will be given. But it is on us students, that we do the best, out of ordinary, show up the might, and giving the worthy efforts for the better, pursuing the excellence it may bring, and give the honor to those who may be deserved and worth your efforts - the parents. Say out the prayers, do thanksgiving, and give praise to God.

You'll reach this. Just promise that you have the discipline to do so.

Never wait on nothing. The time is now. To cherish the best of today and tomorrow on the student's very benefit. For now, a student like you and me, will go back to  our very principles, and to set our own standards and just doing our part. Protect from any temptations, distractions, misinformation. Be challenged out of failures. Future is uncertain, and it is we who determine what it may bring. Love life? It will just come along after. A professional we are at the end is the result of the failures we learn and we proceed. Never quit. Never give up nor give in. We all know it is that difficult. But, it is worth the challenge. The time is ticking. Be inspired by this blog, and the succeeding blogs there may be, and do your own part - in the most productive time possible. :)


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