Responsible Information Dissemination Policy

Due to the drastic increase of misleading, satire and lesser-than thou sites, with some of them being blog sites, The Pitzviews will laid this policy in which the people will be guided upon the information, viewpoints, ideals, stance and knowledge in which it was posted here in the blog site. (07-18-2016)


The Pitzviews and the way it posts information is deemed based from research and common knowledge in which it sounds logic and reflects to what reality is in the perspective of the mere commonality. Furthermore, viewpoints from the blog author is deemed responsible to have balanced viewpoints on the articles which is factual in nature with the exception of life experiences that may serve as a bias for others where one does not experience it, yet.

Article categories divides into three and it can be subjected to change without prior notice. As in present, it divides into News/Information, Commentary and Quotes type as what the blog author desires at the present. News/Information presents factual news and information in which it may either be research or common knowledge. Commentary deals on the viewpoints in which it may be gone into equivalent of an opinion, and quotes in which it comes into this adage - inspire more.

The way information is disseminated is henceforth based on logical facts, analysis and experience in a way that the posting is made in a civil manner where the word choice and the purpose of the posts have gone in a way that it is reputable where people can engage more on the information itself rather than getting personal on the things in which it was not meant to get argued in the first place.

Hence, the credibility of the blog site itself is stipulated right here, in this policy. 


Citations from this blog site is highly encouraged especially if the given articles were only made within the scope of this site. Any other thing shall be cited on its respective owner of the post, idea or photos as it is honorably done for the commendation of any parties involved and as well as giving proper citation needed in order to prevent plagiarism in all degrees. Hence, be responsible enough as to whom it is needed to get cited.


The Pitzviews blog site and all other blog sites associated with it, if given the "news" label of the article, will support the information with those of other news and media organizations so as to gather news and other information outlets deemed credible to suffice the realities given the necessities of a factual and unbiased viewpoints and will have an equal variation of the stories taken from both sides.

Read the "about us" post with regards to the aim of this blog site.


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