Friday, August 7, 2015


Easy to say, but hard to do. But then again, the only choice to reach the top is too hard on it.


It is as synonymous in perspective with the previous article named "Obstacles and Challenges" wherein motivation is needed. But aside from that, there are things that are gone unnoticed that in fact, a significant key for a person to reach their dreams and aspirations so as to victory.

These are the keys to Excellence...


When speaking of excellence, focus is a must. It really means that, in order to achieve the goals in life, the every day activities must be limited in order to get the desired things especially in crucial times like work interviews and board exams. In such cases, focus is complementary with commitment, and the two are working one after the other until such time that a person reaches the desired goals considering the effectiveness of said factors. Alongside victory and excellence, there are keys of excellence as aforementioned in the given photo above, with each has it's own role to play.


Each of the keys to the excellence has it's own traits and the importance of it to aim for victory. All of those factors in synchronization are indeed essential for an individual to attain goals of epic proportion - whether it may be small or big, it is simply achievable.

It is noticeable that most prominent people who came from simple, struggled past will probably say to the people that the lives they have would not be possible if they don't strive and sacrifice most of those time that is supposed to be for their leisure considering that their dreams and aspirations lies at stake. It is correct. These famous people who become failures of the past become who they really are today.

The following are the picture descriptions of some prominent people.



"Giving up" is not the word for a person to become victorious in this adventure called "life". In fact, a person who wants excellence should not think twice to choose the right direction his or her heart desires. Being optimistic in everything brings up the smile of everybody with the certainty that one day, we will be there at the climax of each of our lives, with all of those suffering in order to get there. Remember: It is in us who has the power to change ourselves to attain victory. And that change must benefit for the common good rather than the other. And most of all, it is in the self that once a person knows his self, he can make a world a better place to live in...


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