Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Unfavorable Circumstances

Well, let me say that almost all of us have ups and downs. And speaking of ups and downs, let me say again that at the times of struggle, we almost come down to a point of giving ourselves up, envying other people, and some will end up their life, which is not recommended at all. Some of these were already discussed here and here.


Well, almost everything has its own standard, varying from quality to satisfaction designated to different needs and the like. But then again, in the times of struggle, it is indeed hard to cope up with the standards that we are talking here. So, what is basically the point of standard in struggled life?


Well, this is basically the point in having a better life. If you have a talent, why you don't just, improve it? If one has a capability to improve his or her studies, why just set up the standards and try to reach it? So, the standard that is implying it was basically, a motivation mode that pushes the inner you to a breaking point, checking your weaknesses, working to improve that weaknesses and try again if that satisfies the standard. And once the standard was breach, increase the standard and try to breach it again. And the endless cycle of learning continues as long as we are alive.

Life has full of risk. So, be aware about it.

Here is the connection. Let us assume that an accounting student is studying hard to the point that he forgets life like socialization, family, and sometimes, rest. It is valid to say that all of the struggles of a typical collegiate student will payoff at the and of the study period, but the argument is this: Will you enjoy those lost precious moments at the college where the main purpose now is you having a job, doing the very best to increase core performance plus overall responsibility to appease the company's policy?

That was hard though. We all know how hard being a student, with all of those efforts to have a brighter future. But always remember this: In every struggle, there is always a reason for you to enjoy those moments. Convert things into positive. Have the time standardized, allocate it, and have self-discipline a practice out of yourself. It's easy to say in words that put it in actions, but who knows, such actions are a game changer in your life.

Be optimistic in life. See the beauty in hard things. CHOOSE HAPPY.

Make your life meaningful. It is hard to face the uncertainty, nor we don't know what the future we bring, nor we don't understand the changing norms in life, but the point is, we win at the end of every struggle in life, despite the failures. Why? Because all of those things happening in your life will make you strong, wise, and most of all, a better person. You are not aware of it, but somebody, somewhere, is appreciating about you right now. So, prove to them that such positive perceptions are right, and just. :D


  1. Simply speaking, my life is just like this.


  2. I feel you. Whoever you are, just be positive in life, and everything will be fine.

    1. Thanks, brother! :) fully appreciated.



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