Sunday, March 29, 2015

Not The Way It Used To Be

Well, this is more than just mere cliche. Life sometimes in in fact, unfavorable by means of having ourselves deprived for our right to get the things we like that is in fact, in reality, hard to achieve. So, we're just ended up having ourselves torn apart by our own depression.


Did you experienced a sudden death of someone close to you? How does it feel? It hurts, right? Well, it is part of life. And in this case, it is in fact hard to face the reality that somebody, close to you for how many years, suddenly gone.

Virginia Satir's Quote is a mere fact. Deal with it!

It is hard to face that such things needed to be accepted for the sake of having things right, let me take this for an instance, you and your crush. You keep on doing things just to be caught by attention. And it is ignored. Seenzoned. Right? Oh well, that is life. Maybe, there is somebody come alone in your life that is better than you have been expecting at. That means, you deserve better.


So, now it's not on your favor. You say, now what? My life is now as worthless as it was. It does not have any value. Ooops. Worthless? It is not. It's on the mindset. It's on us whether to face the challenge or not. It's like you, a newbie, fighting with a veteran on a boxing match. If you are brave, face it with wit, and you win the match. Same with life. You are struggling with what is in your environment, with no sense of emotional security within you, and there's no guarantee that your dream will came true. It looks like Sun Tsu's "The Art of War" doctrine, wherein you attack on the weakest spot of the enemy. So, it will be like you, facing the challenge, must be wise enough and adapt like animals in the wild in order to survive, and face the triumph of life.


Gone back to zero? It's OK. All what you need to do is to immerse yourself at your very lowest moment possible, and to realize the very meaning of such event involving in your life. With that, you will be enlightened in a way that, you surpassed that of an average person when it comes to critical thinking. You will be, a philosopher of your own.

Open up thy eyes and see the reality...


THAT'S THE MAIN POINT. You will say - I don't care for that thing either, or - So what she already has another man or woman? And that's the way it should be. MOVE ON. That's the word you must in store in your mind no matter what happens, it's all about you and yourself, and the way you live your life. Yep, it's always about the self, with the support of relatives and trusted of friends. Always remember, that it is in you, that you control your destiny.

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  1. I hope you pass your challenge. Your family needs you.


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