Wednesday, April 1, 2015


Do you even realize at a certain point in time that you are not satisfied on what are you doing, regretting not doing happy things, or even disappointed in grabbing an opportunity? Well, this cliche maybe related to you.


It was just like that. You were given the opportunity to get that thing and it seems all was lost. And all of that haunts you until this very day. Well, in my case, it usually haunts me. Those things associated with my friends are just as regrettable. Previous decisions that are erroneous, not taking things that easy, advises that are not followed, etc. It looks like that your prayers are not answered, and such blessings are disregarded as one of often things seen in everyday life. You must be thankful to be alive then! :D

Another is that, opportunities is indeed, rare in nature, like having seen a unicorn (sarcasm) that only occurs once. So, grab it before it lasts.  Also, think of the consequences so that you will never end up in mere disappointment.

Aw. I should taken that offer. Only if I did it...

"Only if I did it, then we are be successful by now" Such mentality is in fact, unacceptable in the business world. But let me say this: "This is human nature. And you cannot even change it." You cannot change the things, events and attitude if it is already done. One cannot even go back in time. The mindset of a person is merely focusing that he or she is doing foolish things that is, regrettable at the end of time. It was as synonymous with the decision-making ideas that went wrong and as we see it from here, such mistakes are a life-changer, wherein it may influence us in the way we see things (that is, perception)

Keep sleeping! Einstein will appreciate it. You will reach your dreams...


So, the only solution for all of this paranoia, all of this depression, and all of this failures you have was simply..... Appreciation. We all have ups and downs though, but it is indeed, a beauty of life as we know it. Well, failures does not define you, but it makes you stronger. It was like the Soviets, despite the superiority of the Nazi weaponry, but they still fight on until the reach Berlin and forced a Formidable nation to surrender. As we can see, Life has it's own battlefield, and we are fighting our own wars. Sometimes we won, sometimes, we loss. In a humiliating defeat, find it appreciative, like the Soviets, fight for your own Stalingrad, and fight with all of your strength. Because at the end, no matter how many losses you incur, we will still fight for another day with hopes that one day, we will reach the top of the highest mountain.


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