Friday, April 3, 2015


Life is hard nowadays. Especially with the loss of a loved one. Gross neglect, and even withdrawal from society, are just once of the characteristics of being depressed.


Well, there are previous articles here on The Pitzviews that are related with this post. [] And speaking of depression, it is a highly destructive, psychological disorder that makes a person suffer in a sort of mental illness like Schizophrenia. It was not good though. Especially when you are waiting for somebody to be in love with you, or expecting for a high grades, or a promotion, and most of all, death of a close relative. So hard to accept, very hard to do so, the reality gone disrupted, hallucinating at whereabouts and scenarios that are fictional, thinking on the possibilities of what will happen where in fact it was almost 0%, etc.


One may think having Last song syndromes as a last resort pursuing deceived happiness, more like smoking weed, plus getting weird actions, mannerisms, unproductive paranoia that affects the overall performances, mood swings, etc. etc. Confusing, isn't it? But how come such things affected one way or another? Well, it's on affection. Lack of love. Isolation from society. We see soldiers suffering from post-traumatic syndrome that has attributes as like as depressed people. In relation with war-shock, depression has a person's brain cells gone malfunction, much like a computer's files went corrupted, or a system malfunction, just like that.

Cry me a River.

Depressed. Weeping, don't know what to do. Dictated? FIGHT BACK. So sad to see people keep on struggling with life. Craziness envelops your personality, with unfavorable factors on the surroundings, killing us softly. But, there are solutions to the problem.

And these are:

  • Moral Support
  • Positivity
  • Love and Care
  • Friendly Environment
  • and most of all, Helping each other.
These are important things to sustain a favorable condition that gives strength to all the storms that came into your life. Furthermore, it is certain that one will end up successful if and only if support was there.


Coping up is a thing. Either by doing the hobbies such as writing a blog like this one, we put depression at bay. And there must be no prejudice nor discrimination, or even disrespectful ideologies running in the mind that is full of hatred, so that a person will not be ended up depressed, deprived, isolated, that is a person responsible are at fault.


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