Sunday, April 5, 2015

Living With Standards

Living with standards is a promising gesture, yet difficult to achieve. It is a life-changer, they may say, with a possibilities that in the near future, performance is surpassed even that of the most intelligent one.


So, when does the time that one is very jealous on the achievements the others made, or simply, the position the others would made, the achievements? The awards? And all of these things you wished for yourself but cannot even do it? Maybe, your very best is not that enough to even satisfy your taste in a silencing bask of victory.



The process in attaining one goal is not that simple, but there's a way for you to achieve it. It may be slow in nature, but the certainty is there that the dream will be yours. So, how to standardize a one part of your life, like education? It will be like this...

1. Learn time management standardization

- It is called a standard within a standard. One must have aware that time is clearly, an essential to reach the goal. It may be difficult at first, but once achieved, you are easily cope up and to proceed into the next step.

Tick-tock. Tick-tock. Tick-tock.

It is that valuable that one must be strict in implementing time. Also, it is advisable to do things early rather than do it at exact time due to possible unexpected consequences along the way. Every second counts. Always be aware and know to allocate time between fun and work. Lastly, plan things in synchronization so that there will be no glitch happen in given places.

2. More Sacrifices

- Well, this involves happy, enjoyable things like, bonding with friends, relatives, doing fun activities, etc. But as with relation with the first step, you must balance between the two extremes - work/study and fun. Let me say that you divide it by 1/2, or 70/30 respectively, and so on, and so fourth....

This picture says it all...

It is in fact the very nature of us humans, which is, to sacrifice. One would imagine if one is desperate, looking for inspiration out of that sacrifice he or she would made in exchange with all of that fun, socialization, and entertainment. Ouchy, isn't it? It is in fact one of the most difficult things to do in order for other objectives to achieve. There may be a hidden blessings on it, but who knows? That sacrifice will fruit something that you and me deserved better things ahead.

3. Resisting Temptation

- Ranging from engaging activities to sexy ladies, this is one, large obstacle in implementing life standards. One will may say that having a standard is a best thing to achieve a certain goal, but it may come at a high price...

A simple, yet descriptive diagram on Temptation.
In relation to sacrifices, this is the difficult thing to be prevented of. But accordingly, overcoming temptation has its own payoff. One of them is putting you out of harms way. For instance, seeing a sexy girl with a dirty mind is a temptation. Give in, and see what happens given the diagram here. Again, speaking of sacrifices, one would cry, and cry, and weeping to be deprived of anything happy. But then again, it may give you safety against temptation, but you have the right to be joyful, whatever it may be.

4. Know your goals.

- One must know what kind of goal we are talking about. Either it may be short-term or long term. Again, in relationship with step 2, which is sacrifice, let us take the joy of others as a challenge in order to gain momentous inner support within ourselves with the intention to win over our own weaknesses, ignoring the comments of others, saying to those who criticize: "Now what? I don't care over your hypocritical, unproductive criticism of yours..."

STANDARDIZED ELOCUTION. Step-by-step process to reach life goals.
Now, you may say this on yourself: "I promise to myself that to prove to them that they were wrong, and to do the best I can to downplay their bad impression upon me."

Success is a cherished treasure that can be found after some hard, agonizing, sacrifice. I may say that, if you are on a scenario being betrayed by others, take it as a challenge. Smile for yourself, and make the best motivation out of it, and get out of the mess.

5. Lastly, be humble.

- The highest attained goal and the greatest plans of having a high standard of life will not be possible without being humble. Well, it was one part of the moral values measure/standard that makes consideration. As it may be applied, it may also be synchronized with ethics, with a certain professionalism needed to satisfy the success plan if it needs the help of others...


What is simply be made to be pointed out is that, if one needs to be respected at the same time, successful, be strict in implementing the necessary standards in life. It is important for us to know our weaknesses, so that we know how to pass from any challenges that the odds may be throwing at us, and the success will be achieved with the right approach.


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