Thursday, April 16, 2015

Deceiving Romance Part 2

It is in fact one of the most of those intriguing questions since a kid becomes an innocent adolescent: Is it real? Does crushes mean like in it is a real relationship? Puppy love intensifies? It is for the very person to find out. See also: Part 1


It is indeed a big "OK" for a person to be curious. That means, it is OK to keep on questioning about some life events and those mysteries and experiences that gives a wider perspective, thus giving a larger picture of what it seems a reality. Let us put this into an adolescent's life. How does it feel for someone's heart keeps on beeping with no apparent reason? How do they cope up with those changing norms in their body's function and structure? What it is to be more matured not only physically but also mentally? Well, many of those teenagers think love is just a game. It is OK, at first, but there are some things that may go possibly wrong, ranging from infatuation, having depression and jealousy, mood swings, congenital heart condition, and the much much worse there is, having not finished studies due to one, simple fact -- having children long before even having descent jobs.

Looks can be deceiving. Source: Goodreads website. Book Cover: Deception by Mona Ingram (circa September 2011)


Let us say that all of that romance, imaginations, having this "boyfriend-girlfriend" relationship of some sort, all of those flirty and sweet as cherry kind of things are part of a larger struggle called "life." We are not talking of  mating seasons here guys, not unless it's Valentines day. So, let us focus on "deceiving" nature of love.

Let's just say that there is this girl. Everyday, every night, her life was influenced by this boy, and this boy is the one who write this blog right now. (ehem)  This girl's life was not complete without the following:

  • Liking the boy's every post on Facebook
  • Stalking through Twitter
  • Staring all of those photos which are downloaded, again, from Facebook.
  • Post every thing (even subliminally) about her life, missing somebody.

  • Texting through Group message about those feels. 

As a matter of fact, most boys will do the same thing. (Ratio of probability between girls and boys = 1:1 , just as equal). But then again, these people are going on the cloud 9, assuming that they are in a relationship with somebody. Isn't that deceiving? It was like staring up in a sky, looking for signs at the stars and say, "Look, I found it! I found a unicorn!". So, it is just as deceiving as those your heart wanted you to suggest on, acting like some sort of those crazy person who have been freed from a highly secured mental institution, and such craziness is highly contagious, and such romance, whatever deceiving and fictional as it was, will end up into reality...

Speak, See, and Hear no Evil. Source:


At the end of this commentary blog, yet as is indeed was, a commentary, it will depend on the very intellect of each and every human being in this planet whether they believe that there is such thing as forever. It's the choice of each individual whether they become crazy, ready for the mating season, or, use that cerebrum of theirs and start to have life logically and spiritually. Well, as the writer of this [blog] may say, that there is no such thing as forever. Because, life, like all other things, will end. Just like God said in the bible. He is the Alpha and the Omega, the beginning and the end.


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