Saturday, April 11, 2015


Is it a child talking like an elderly? Or just mere realization? Matured attitude is one of the many factors of having a perfect form of personality wherein the approaches and perspectives all gone to have more "sensual than ever.


Experience make sense? It is usually like that. At every disaster, wrongdoings and in forgiveness, we gain knowledge and experience. NOW WHAT?

Experience as I may say, have direct link of having a thinking of a matured person. Ethics as well may be complied (to be discussed later below at this blog.) It influences a lot of things involving perception, and in viewpoints as it was molded by people -- and the surroundings a person is involved. Maturity is in fact an advantage, as if it is directly complemented with self-discipline. Being childish is cute but does not help either if progress is the very thing we are talking about.

This is overwhelmingly immature!!! Source:


Let's just say perspective are keeping on one place after the other. And suddenly, a downward factor make it rearrange a person's viewpoint into a much, orderly form. Ranging from a comfy life to a very struggled one, maturity varies from the surroundings that are influential one after the other. In such given cases, woman is more matured than men (no bias here, a male writer doing a blog like this) considering that women has [secretly] much much suffering than most of the males do. Let's see... Women are more emotional than men. They have this [genital cycle] of menstruation that keeps on going monthly, and they are the ones who are becoming more pregnant and having babies born. So as to life perspective and love life concerns,  a woman is such an expert on that. [we are men and we tend do watch sports and action, like yeah.] Woman tend to more loyal to their relationships than men, considering we have this ludic attitude. :D

This is Natalia Poklonskaya, Prosecutor-General of Crimea in Russia. Being cute,
her attitude is as more matured than her in-loved fans. (c) RIA Novosti [Sputnik]

People change. We grow up. We grow old. It is on human nature to be mature. It is the usual procedure of life. You cannot see an animal like a lion or chicken or tiger acting like they were a little bit smaller. It takes a matter of time to realize, but then again, being human is being a man with purpose - - something that contributes greatly to the society. There is nothing bad with being childish, it is just, being controlled and never to be intensified. ~~


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