Sunday, March 22, 2015

Deceiving Romance Part 1

Well, before we proceed, let me say that most people are been fooled by so-called love. Acting with mere stupidity, there is indeed an assumption wherein they assume that a person loves them back. Again, do not assume unless otherwise stated. Accounting terms uh? Awesome! See also: Part 2


Did you search on Google "Signs that a person likes you" or "How to determine that a girl/boy loves you" flirting whatsoever? If so, you must be aware that in those post there is a message that is written: "It is not fully accurate. But signs may be prevalent, though."

You may say I'm a dreamer... But I'm not the only one...
But don't be fooled. What it may seem as signs may you go crazy. As in, that person will be influencing your life, at every second. You may seem that somebody do some touchy things on you, but then again, there are many possibilities from such action. What could possibly go wrong?


Love life, so deceiving, and in false hopes, they end up killing each other like those people from the hunger games. Indeed, most relationships only lasted for months, with monthsaries being celebrated, and they keep on looking on the future possibilities that by the end, most couples end up nothing. It's like [business context] you investing in the stock market, giving up your savings and to buy the stocks, without any guarantee that you will either gain or to incur loss in the given scenario. There is risk. You may be a risk taker when it comes to love, but who knows, that person will be the love of you life.

It may be inspiring, but please, use your cerebrum sometimes.
But then again, romance, love, relationships, like businesses, have deceiving things hidden on their sleeves. It was like [again, on business context] a stock broker with charismatic skills like those in Jordan Belfort's book "Wolf of Wall Street" wherein those stocks issued, where in fact, penny stocks that has little or no par value. In other words, never expect something in return. 

Same with love. You keep looking for indicators while singing the Ace of Base song "I saw the sign" without realizing that the things shown were fake. Remember, as if things were so good to be true, authenticate and verify it first from reliable source before proceeding...

If all of those leaves are gone, one will need a pacemaker
to keep on living.


Should I say what you should do? Of course it is. To clarify and to summarize, what we are trying to say is be aware of those people around you. It's a weird world nowadays, without certainty of being. There is lack of trust, but you must give it to a right, highly deserved person. If one is in a relationship, act with extreme precaution. Remember, everything right now maybe deceiving, without knowing which is genuine, and which is not. Another thing. If you are sign-seeker, act naturally. Then, think if such actions were true, proceed again, with precaution. Don't blame the self when you'd been fool. Take it as experience. Be wise enough. It's rare to find a wise man in this planet. 



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