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Acts of Discipline

Limitations on the way we act or to aiming a goal are just one of the factors that badly needed to apply discipline in order to cope up with our standards in life. This not just about moral values or ethics. Although the aforementioned things contemplate it, but discipline focus more on the self.


Discipline is a form of a human attribute, which make a person's performance much effective and up to standards that is needed. Further more, it aims to push us beyond the limit and simply put us outside of our own comfort zones. It keeps on level up as the time goes by, especially when we grow older. The main features of being disciplined is having aware of the surroundings, having the best of innovative ideas, and most of all, having the matured mind that has lesser errors, chances of failures and no gross neglect that takes place.

A simple diagram of discipline intended for children. Source:


When it comes to discipline, we tend to be strict on things we needed to be strict. It was like depriving ourselves of the things we want, things that give us pure happiness. But, it gives us the assurance of victory, of excellence, of success that we are proud of. Deprivation comes from a lot of things. From confiscation of devices to having a very strict diet, it was such a sacrifice, a very strict form of discipline that make us endure the pain of being deprived of our privileges, looking forward of what the future may bring based on our present actions.


At a cycle of life, we tend to do things in order without even thinking deep on it. We do our hobbies and our past time activities. But then again, is there a time on the mind of each person that an activity a day is indeed a worth-it one? Do we even learn from it?

Discipline is a matter of activities. And due to that, we work more productively, as if that there is no tomorrow. In such cases, we focus on the things that are worth meaningful than wasting time in doing unnecessary things. So as to speak, it is normal to do our hobbies, provided that either we've done our day's plan or accomplishment or just to do it in free time. But then again, we must be oriented in a form of self-discipline, making ourselves adapt the environment around us, as long as it is healthy for us, to the extent that we've done our part, and we exert the very effort right to the veins, those blood cells running to our body, and to make life-changing endeavors, despite being hard, but still doing it. Work on a basis that there is an aim, pushing very hard to the limits, the efficiency, and our body and mind is well-prepare on it. Making plans ahead, as per self-discipline strategy, focusing on things ahead, and most of all, learn time management with the essence of balancing priorities like social life and academics.

Discipline have our suffering days more meaningful by having value-added activities. If hobbies is undeniable or hard to prevent, turn it in a value-added one by having a hobby as a reward or to immerse the hobby into a subject-centric matter.


So as to time management, discipline is the very key to have it very effective. It is because it makes us making the sense of time much important, as there was a saying that there is money in time. And speaking of time, as it was discussed in this article, that there must be a balance in everything. Provided, but it must implemented with sheer discipline, applying it in the very life in it's aspect, and to have it in accordance of what are the main goals in career, or life in general.

Discipline is the difference of success and failure. Source:

The main point is, to apply discipline in our lives. With that, we cherished the pain we endure, to do in-depth analysis so as we do on things, making highly-detailed activities full of learning, and even realize that with discipline, there will be less mistakes, less neglect, lesser chances of failure and most of all, increasing the chance of success. Step-by-step, from nothing, we do self-discipline. Think that we are nothing, aiming for something, pursuing excellence, and the accomplishment is worth the feeling once a person reach the top, thanks to discipline.



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