Sunday, April 12, 2015

Life In A Balance

In speaking of life, it must be in a balance. And speaking of balance, there should be around 75% time allocation on the things that are indeed productive in nature and the remaining 25% in relax and other miscellaneous activities...


Let us start in the way life works. It all started in nothing. And when the planet Earth is formed, as well as the other planets in the solar system, it needs several recipe in order for life to exist. In other words, it needs the breathable air, water, and the right temperature to have a thriving signs of life. And how come balance enter in the story? Well, what we can see in our surroundings is in fact a delicate balance in everything. Everything abnormal can affect the usual process of life and the recent phenomenon in the planet may change with it.

Life is a delicate balance. Source:


Let us focus on the human context. Everyday, almost everyday, we woke up in the morning, taking a breakfast, have a nice bath, prepping, going to work or school, doing the necessary jobs, go home, study or having a homework, dinner, and go to sleep. And the cycle goes all over again. As we can see, one may wonder: "Where in the world is fun here?" Some may say this: "Fun is in the way one appreciates work." That's right. Now, where is relaxation? Well, there are times for a break. But then, it only lasted for only a short amount of time. Ok then. How about, taking a vacation or having time with friends? That will be possible, unless if one is workaholic.

That will be a scenario of a person who knows the balance of work and fun. But then again, most problematic people, let me say, college students, have this issue regarding time management. Let's just say that one is focusing all on studies, and nothing is more than that. A student says that I need to sacrifice in order to finish this course. Right, innit? It is good to have a viewpoint like that. But, watch when that person already finish college and already started to work. There is fun right? It is like the prior paragraph referring the passion of work, right? That was good. No harm intended. But here's the question: How many opportunities in having a joyful college life is missed due to simply focusing on one aspect of it, which is studying?

Sounds envious, Right? While one is focusing academically, another is already taking the another leap of life. Like, learning how to drive, going to another places that has never gone before, having a bonding time with relatives, having time with friends, etc. We all understand the importance of education, in fact it is the primary advocacy of most people to stick to academic excellence, to instill the very knowledge of the inner core of the very personality of that person, so on and so fourth. But then again, there must be a balance in everything. There should be an awareness in a way that everything is just right. In this case, there should be a perfect student life. Not too boring, nor too dumb. Just as stated in the introduction, there is at least a standardized time of at least 75% of academic work and 25% on other things -- fun included.

It must be... Something in between. Source:

At the end of the day, a person has a very good, yet memorable life if there is a right balance in everything. In health, it also applies. Like, both being obese or malnourished does not help. So, putting life in an balancing act is important. In fact, it is in balance that life is much significant than ever. We must learn to apply the balance of life in us. There will be no excess nor deprivation. Once we perfect and, we adapt the balance on the things we do, then life for us will be a better one for us. To nourish.


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