Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Philippine Politics Under Duterte - What Lies Ahead?

Now, it is a clear sign that Rodrigo Duterte, according to our updates page, is an undisputed winner where his supporters are joyful for this good achievement in what it is called "the greatest change in the nation."

However, there are always viewpoints in the other side of the coin.


Before proceeding, please read this note.

Pitzviews Note: The following essay is written by another party who is not affiliate to this blog site. The viewpoints pertaining in the essay does not reflect the viewpoints of this blog site nor the blogger itself. The viewpoints will be discussed through the critiques section as you read this page exactly right after the essay itself, which is italicized. 

This essay, written by Iglecerio Cayosa pertains to the speculative fears of the incoming presidents as what he wants to portray as having a transition from one ideology to another.

In his work, there are points that he wanted to utter ranging from the power play in the politics to ideological implications that he believes, will jeopardize the claims Philippines had to China. All of such are because of his belief that the next administration are allegedly, according to him, conniving with communist rebels which is the Communist Party of the Philippines.

As you read the essay, please do it so with an open mind and as well with highlighted critical points in comparison that needs to be consider. You are welcome to critique his work by writing a comment far below this page.


And here is the essay that he wrote. (With minor edits.)

The communist symbol of hammer and sickle.
Rodrigo Duterte is now rising to power. How can we face this new chapter where this nation is facing in the following months? I am a little bit worried of the outcome when the transfer of power is done because it also means a shift of ideology of one president to the other. It is not that easy. Could the military accept the rule of Jose Maria Sison as national defense chief under the government of Duterte? The military has been waging the conflict wherein it was considered one of the longest conflicts there are in the whole world against communist insurgency and all of a sudden the founder of it would become their chief analyst. What would happen to our allies like the U.S, Japan and Australia which are the bastions of democracy with these sudden shift of ideals? What would happen to our fight in the island dispute with China? What would happen to our AFP modernization since it acquire billions of dollars of war materiel which it categorizes from warships to fighter jets which are still in the making? What would happen to our arbitration case we file in UNCLOS? What would happen to our military officials, defense planners, strategists and politicians who ushered this country after the end of world war two and tackled many challenges from numerous natural disasters to insurgency, separatist groups, poverty and countless social problems? They could be a subject of cleansing and purification from the new regime in the worst things possible. What would happen to our free press? Will they stand the shock of repression? If so, for how long? How about our alliances and friends who are there in times of needs and foreign businesses like those in the BPO sector and in numerous multinational companies like Coca-cola, Pepsi, Shell, McDonalds, KFC, plus several others? Will the people stand the great change taking place? What would happen if we close this country to them as if we are isolated as the North Koreans do? It is a rule in communism to close the country from foreigners so that it can grip on power, expelling businesses and foreigners alike, continuing purge on its political opponents, close congress and senate and control basic utilities, among others.  
It seems like the country has been put upside down by a single man. Are we really like this? Is this acceptable? How can we cope in this great change? Perhaps, we will build a wall and isolate ourselves from he outside world once the transition is complete. How will the world take this? They hate fascists, communists, dictators and any kind of authoritarian regime with their tendency is to destroy the wall at any cost by all means necessary. Are we secure with this? Are we just fine in the following months? The wealth structure, the class categorizations and the trade procedures are the great division between capitalism and socialism. To whom shall we go? Who is the lesser evil? We are a country of migrants with our people simply wants to work abroad in search for the better life of their families. What would happen to them once we become a communist state? Perhaps they will be denied entry or any other incentives. Can we posed a serious threat or risk to other nations? Can we be an enemy to our former friends? It seems that things move so fast in such a coordinated way. Where are we heading? Are we heading to damnation?  
Let us admit it. Some people would resist the change and they will still have some power, influence and connections that they will give a fight. After all, they would lose everything if they won't including their lives. It will not be easy. It will be a hard life for us all in the beginning of this new regime, that is if it completely leads to socialism. Where as if we denied them power is like we did not respect the people that bestows it to them.  
Mao Zedong killed tens of millions of its own people just to put one kind of regime in China. He repressed his political opponents without mercy, put the people into a process of reform called cultural revolution, closed it from outside world until Deng Xiaoping came and change the country and its policies leaning towards the U.S and the trade prospers between the two until what China is today where it able to make trade to whom it wants. But take note and behold of real danger here and toughness of incoming proletariat Jose Maria Sison: He abhor all this things the Communist Chinese are doing today, meaning he has no inclination to open trade of this country to the world. Our politics is our own, our policies are our own, and our national tragedy either it is politics or natural disasters are our own. Where are we going? It is the purge that is dangerous because it does not respect bonds and kinship. It is the opposing party, opposing ideology, and opposing interests that are dangerous. What is the last remedy left? How can we be sure that the next regime will be a little bit kind given his rhetoric and the history of their belief to their ideology? Hope that it may not happen to us as what happen to China in the years of Mao.
As a citizen of this beloved nation, it is my duty to protect the lives of my countrymen from impending peril especially the rich because it is them who will be the target of seizure, malicious attacks and imprisonment from incoming proletariat-style of government. 
What would happen to us in the new regime? Where would be our place in the world? How would they view this especially the Americans and Europeans who are assisting us in a lot of things? What is the plight of the people in the next regime where it kills innovations and enterprising spirits? 
I can only feel pity because the transition would not be easy. In the history of communism, the first phase of its campaign to completely holding unto power is to take out the obstacle out of its way, which it is always bloody, marred with violence and the incoming proletariat is a zealous one . For those who love the world not of its own riches and glory but its own literature, stories, poems and letters and its effort to bind humanity together, could we still be here tomorrow? Because we too who love to use pen and paper is a subject as well of search and seizure by this kind of regime especially if it don't honor them . 
One can only ask where are we going in this kind of affair if one has the conviction and sense of justice and care towards its own people, country and the world . 
The greatest divide between capitalism and socialism is not corruption, crimes, drugs or poverty but rather trade with foreign countries, excessive competition and monopolies of certain industries. Those who voted the left voted for popularity, charisma and promises while those who voted the right voted to preserve the current system. A conflict of interest, ideas and ideology is in the making today and God forbid may it not lead to strife with our own people. 
Until today I am baffled by this great love of opposing conflict of interest and ideology. Capitalism honors talent. It pursue innovation. It respects the nature of the people who are unable to sit still and it offers the world as your playground while socialism protects the individual and country from excessive manipulation, excessive competition and degrading of natural resources and habitat from foreign capitalism. Where shall we go my dear readers? 
Capitalism teaches you how to make great deals. It deals as to how to take responsibility with your own choice, or how to risk your life by your own choice and how to reap the gains out of it. While in socialism, it's like an umbrella over your head, watching you wherever you go even providing you with all the means of their own choice for you to be happy and content and stay alive. How would you choice of this great love? 
While democracy is not perfect, the other is as well not that perfect. In this case, who will celebrated life the most? Who will confront to the golden rule "do unto others what you want others do unto you?" and who celebrated God in this case to his gift to mankind which is love, freedom and life? 
And if Jose Maria Sison literally takes finance and defense chief what follows that would be to close the doors of this country to foreign investors and businesses and to erect walls to prevent outsiders from entering inside and the outsiders will scheme enough how to destroy that walls. Do we have peace here in the long run? Or worst, if they sided with the separatists and our beloved country elevates herself to the unknown. I hate to admit it but we are spiraling to the unknown. 
This essay is still part of my scheme to secure the playground of my people either it is in the West Philippine Sea or in the entire world.

Original essay

Duterte and his supporter.
As what the news spews out today, it seems that it goes out the opposite. However, there are some parts of the essay that gives an insight to what will eventually happen based on the worse-case scenario where many should go worry about. Furthermore, the two opposite ideologies like communism and democracy goes reminiscent of what had happened throughout the cold war where the communist Soviet Union goes head on with United States upon fighting for ideals. In today's sense, it was not so much that relevant so as most communist nations are not purely communist after all.

Now, let's talk of the founder of the Communist Party of the Philippines' Joma Sison. As what the essay says, he will be a national defense adviser to Duterte. My answer was, no. There was no online articles nor newspaper publications stating as such. However, there a Rappler article about the appointing of officials, who were rumored to be composed mostly by former generals of the armed forces. So, Joma is out of context. So as for that, it will not then removed that the facts giving that Duterte conniving with the CPP-NPA is somewhat worrisome to several people particularly the people who are witnessing the AFP Modernization Program and as well the personnel themselves.

Furthermore, recent information from reputable sources implies the negotiation between the future administration and the communists wherein the compromise is to release rebel prisoners in exchange of having NPA laying down their weapons. Such impression presents a welcoming sign since that it would mean the end of the long rebellion and may eventually lead for the eventual unity of the whole nation which promotes everlasting peace. However, such news also comes with the plans of forming a coalition with the communists which is deemed worrisome to some people. In such a case, any plans in the future shall be taken notice.

About foreign policy. Several news articles posted about Australia and United States condemning Duterte's rape remarks about the 1989 hostage taking incident which took the life of one Australian missionary in Davao. Such condemnation prompts him to have the Americans and the Australians the choice of severing ties with the Filipinos. If so, that would mean having risk of having not supported by the allies in case the war with China sparks. Pouring it with a bowl of salt, the relations are still tied, for now.

Regarding the dispute with China in the West Philippine Sea (WPS), previous statements states that a bilateral talks with China may do where in fact that would also mean negotiating at the weakest point. However, in the most recent articles shown out, it seems that the actions are now calculated and the negotiable stance are now going to a much stronger standpoint which is multilateral talks while at the same time continuing to pursue the arbitration process at the Hague which is indeed a clear thing. Thus, it answers several answers in the essay and correcting its stance as well.

As for socialism. He, in reality proposes a socialist form of democracy which is a bit federal in nature wherein the wealth are evenly distributed. This was misinterpreted by many as communism wherein it purges the rich and the resources will be given to the poor. All of that is indeed wrong. In socialist democracy, the key resources are controlled by the government while the market is still free and competitive. Taxes are evenly disbursed through "states" as what federalist who wanted to suggest it, and all of those things wanted to replicate it more to United States or Germany rather than North Korea or China. However, if the misinterpretations of socialism are ought to be taken seriously by the government without any research nor consultation, no doubt the country will become one of the failed states in the world which replicates to Venezuela where it was ran by a socialist government and the economy was in the problematic condition.

And finally, let us talk about hid decision-making activities. He is firm that upon 3 to 6 months, as it was popularized, that crimes, drug and corruption will be eventually wiped out and the nation will be a better place to live. Not to mention that his plans sounds like music to the ears of the many. However, it has been known that his ideas were not necessarily that consistent which needs improvement as the months coming by, citing that the stance in different issues were not that clear at all. Not to mention that his timeline of drugs and crime elimination is somewhat not that feasible or unattainable in the eyes of the critics. It is then the jury henceforth be decided that on the year 2017 that such judgments are worth considering.

At the end, all of us will be united.
The ideals has its own pros and cons, all varying to the circumstances and the effectiveness of such ideals in a nation. And it was then upon thinking as to what actions is necessary to make this nation great as it was before. However, such ideals may do good or harm to the citizen a government serves, all of which comes politically speaking as for what welfare it is to get managed and what kind of services a public servant would have really matter as to what the masses expects it. As for the essay, it shows the speculative ideas of a worse-case scenario analysis which either it may be turned true or not. Meanwhile, the critique gives us the insight as to the positive spotlight Philippine politics as it is now where the majority are joyful for the victory of the Mayor with an Iron Fist. Now, on the next six years of mere existence of this nation in this very planet, it is presumed that this ride isn't gonna be a smooth one, for there are many challenges were there to bring. Come to think about it, upon the finishing of his term in the year 2022: Is this the change we wanted to have, that is for the better?


  1. What we have is a minority president . There are more people who don't like duterte as president then there are people who want him as president. 54M registered voters. 15M voted for digong. That means 39M didn't vote for digong. Masmarami ang ayaw sa kanya maging presidente kaysa dun na humangad maging presidente siya. That is not democracy. And yet he is imposed on us as president. You have a ruling minority in malacanang. And a silent majority.

    A minority president does not have a lot of democratic or economic space to move in. Any which way that digong rows his administrative boat, there will be forces rowing against him. That's why all our presidents perform mediocrely no matter how well qualified they are.

    I am personally big on continuity. I see it as a 2nd tier inclusion across the economic divide, outside the victorious ruling minority who in the past 6 years of Pnoy apparently amassed a lot of money. Yan ngayon ang pera ni Digong na hindi ginagamit ng ruling minority, itoy inipon nila. Malaki daw yan. Let's see how duterte uses it. Let us see if it will go to the 2nd tier built by Pnoy or if it goes to the new ruling elite na kailangan mabayaran.

    Para hindi na tayo mangailangan magbayad ng bagong ruling minority I have always voted with the incumbent. I voted for Gibo in 2010. But I am so glad that Pnoy won. Truly the dutiful, prodigal son..

    I have great admiration for Gibo. He remains untested. That's why I voted for Mar. For continuity, for that 2nd tier of inclusion of those not part of the ruling minority. Pero nabaldado yung continuity. Sayang. If duterte is clean, I will vote again with the incumbent. But please, to erase all doubts of opponents, he must square off with Trillanes. Sign his waiver and open the transaction history of the said account.

    1. I concur with the statement. With him (Duterte) as a president from the minority, any people who did not vote for him will surely watch his every move citing that such action really affect the country's stance, both from the inside and the outside of this beloved nation. Furthermore, his supporters must be critical on their thinking. Not to undermine their support to Duterte, but to let them aware that everything with this guy is acceptable.

      With this, I am sure that many people will understand that having a minority president does not necessarily mean correct.


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