Monday, May 9, 2016

Updates: 2016 Philippine Elections

This are updates pertaining to 2016 Philippine Presidential, Vice-Presidential, Senatorial, Party-list, and local elections.

This page updates every one (1) hour.


6:00am - Election polls already started.

6:26am - Elections 2016 Now trending on Twitter.
6:31am - Twitter hashtag #Election2016 is now here...

6:40am - Massive cheating rumors...

6:44am - Streamcast for the Elections2016.

6:47am - Precint reports...

6:49am - 16hrs earlier, more cheating rumors taken place...

7:00am - One hour ago, VCM shows that no votes are casted, yet...

7:18am - two hours earlier...


Time Gap: Usual Updates coming in between 8am and 3pm will be inserted.


2:44pm - Opinions...

2:51pm - Backing.

2:55pm - Live news coming from GMA.

3:00pm - Attention. For the results, you may check this site at or check this page as we set up a graphics update page. Thank you.

3:05pm - About the rebel groups.

3:07pm - BBM worries about cheating.

4:19pm - Reports of violence in Sultan Kudarat are  now spewing across Twitter.

4:20pm - Countdown to the closing of polls.

4:30pm - Richard Gordon casts his vote.

4:31pm - Posts showing the comparison.

4:36pm - Trending on Twitter...

4:38pm - Temporarily freed for casting a vote.

4:42pm - Articles about the trends on Twitter.

4:45pm - Grease Money.

4:46pm - Surveys are not important after all.

4:50pm - 10 minutes left and the polling stations will be closed, with some polling stations to extend to 6pm due to defective VCMs.

5:00pm - Polling precints closed, canvassing of votes commenced.

5:26pm - Check the following links for the results:


5:32pm - Results...

9:58pm - Davao City Mayor Rodrigo Duterte still leads the race with a wide margin, while                 Bongbong Marcos leads unto Vice Presidency...

May 10, 2016

9:26am - Duterte still leads the Presidential line up through a wide margin; Robredo                       surpasses Marcos with only several hundred thousand votes.

Graphics, Source: Rappler

Check this blog page and refresh this  every hour for fresh, up-to-date updates!


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