Friday, April 24, 2015

Treasuring Time

Our very existence comes in many dimensions. And when it comes about time, there is something more to cherish in every bit of every millisecond counting, ticking endlessly.


The definition of time is, generally speaking, that it is a measurement of events coming from the past to the future. In other words, it is more than just numerical countdowns and intervals. It synchronizes usually with the rotation of the Earth on it's axis, the Moon revolves the Earth, plus the revolution of it across the sun. Many things rely on time. Such as, we people getting up in the morning, setting up very, very important schedules, cherish the memories according to date, celebrating holidays, birthdays, anniversaries, among other things. See more: Wikipedish definition of time

The Spasskaya Clock Tower in Moscow, Russian Federation.


Since Wikipedia already gives us the scientific perspective of time, coming along the terms, the fields of studies, and all of those highly-complicated explanations involving time (expect a simplified infomatic soon at this blog site), let us just give it to each reader like you about the importance of time, as well as implying time management here, as to can see it far below of this commentary article.

Simply speaking, time is important in almost everything we can see right right across the universe. As spoken by those scientist, such thing like space and time started right after the big bang, in which such theory is still a theory right now unless it is already proven that such thing takes place. As to connection with our lives, there are many things as we give importance of time.

Recording the History of Events. Right now, we are creating a history out of ourselves. Ranging from a simple photograph to a blog you've been reading right now, one may say that time really passes by as such events go farther into history. As much good as it may sounds, such history lies the memories of the events of what have may happened. Whether it may be good or bad, it is still the history. And as it connects life, it gives a reminder of the past, humble or glorious, as its relevance to today's context.  For instance, writing a diary or a journal out of life is one perfect example on how to record history. Time goes by, and a person may see the childhood past, may seem either happy or sad, or even awkward, regarding of the changes that may take place. Furthermore, there is in fact a lesson in life that says "live as if it was your last." God Forbid, but then again, such things shall be made right at this moment so that in the near future, a specialized piece of history, colorful as it may see, will still be as memorable as it was.

The events and today's activities. As we wake up, there lies many proper schedules and planning ahead. The challenge is, to be on time. With time, life is in fact a stressing, pressuring, yet productive one. There are many things to do in one day alone, varying needs and proper managing the balance of work and free time to other miscellaneous activities, among many things. In this cases, plans are already laid out, exactly for an ordinary day. A routine takes place: Wake up at 5am, take a bath by 5:15am, take on clothes at 5:35am, breakfast, going to work or school, so on and so fourth. Also, in this matter, there are also usual-in-time problems, such as delays in submission of projects, tardiness due to traffic, bad weather, power interruptions, unexpected problems, and other time-wasting unplanned events in which it must not be there in the first place. So as to the saying "time is gold", a person, or even a business entity, in present activities, is ensuring that satisfaction or a standard is met within a day, a short-term goal per se. Lesson, seize the moment. Balance time. Spend some time with families and friends. Enjoy life. Do the very best. And most of all, settle things of today and never let it take over the other day.

Dreaming of the Future. Most of us are dreaming what the future may bring. It is in fact the most uncertain in all of the things we speak of time. It is as descriptive in the saying "Yesterday is History, and Tomorrow is a Mystery." Prophetic as it seems, but we can only predict the future based on our present and past actions, but still, it is not so accurate, for there are so much surprises and tricks that may go out maybe tomorrow, the next day, or the near future. Since birth, we are been told by the elderly to do one thing: learn by going to school. Schools are the institutions of learning, teaching us of what we are about to be in the near future. But then again, there are more things to learn outside of school, and most of these things are helpful of what we are to be in the future. Ranging from family values to social ethics, these things are a factor aside from intellect, a factor that acts like a key to our success in the near future.

The Big Ben in United Kingdom. Source:

It matters the most that the time given is used. The importance here is that, we need to value time and on the course of life, we need to learn how to manage everything in strictness in a matter of allocating time in the case of spending more time with friends and love ones, and also know how to be efficient in a way that the time spent is indeed minimized, especially in the workplace. We must know the value of history, and all of such things that happen in the past, so as the history really define who we really are. Prioritize the present, and all of the problems and surprises that may take place here, so as to define success or failure in the near future. Time is priceless. Time is much much more valuable than gold. In time alone defines our very existence, and the memories that may bring, in this part of so-called a dimensions in life, time is the thing that is more than just an instrument measuring events. A millisecond defines what we are in this universe.


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