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Our minds are filled with logic, and creativity. This was proven by any means of research between the left and right hemispheres of the brain. Such radical thinking arises assumption. It may be good sometimes, but too much of it may hurt our hearts.


Our life was filled with mystery. It's in fact full of surprises waiting to be opened. And with the phenomenon seemingly understandable by man, there comes a time in life wherein we assume on things that is indeed, not to be assumed. Much worse, most people reacted or acting to such assumption until there comes a time that a person made a greatest mistake in life because of only one thing, and that is assumption.

Assumption means risk. Source: itsadeliverything.com

It is in human nature to assume. As if we expecting things to work normally, that something may go out of the blue, that signs could really mean something, so on and so fourth. And most of the time, we assume that a mere coincidence was coincide with fate, thinking of it that it really means something for us. It may be true, but as far as logic is concern, it is in a blurry condition, hard to explain, and speaking of experience, an individual intends to stick by it, with the experience as a basis of reality.

Sometimes, people tend to assume depending on the understanding of the surroundings and the events, without ever realizing about the chances of having the scenario in the first place. It was like probable-possible scenario wherein it was on the 50-50, 60-40, depending on what we perceive in all of those different ideas, bought by logic, and mere brain power. But there are times that such a scenario merely overcome an assumption in life, saying that either it was amazing, an awesome thing to see, or a sign of something in between. And also, speaking of signs, assumptions are ranging from positive to negative accordingly [again] to the mere understanding of the human mind, without any kind of basis like a research results, laboratory tests, and guinea pigs.

And there's more than that. Every decision as a person will take are sometimes overcome with a mere assumption that has no basis at all. In other words, a make-up story for the people to assume badly and just deal with it. That thing alone creates a large risk of failure, or even falling in achieving a certain goal, only because of such shallow form of thinking.

Ask if it is true. Source: http://www.innovationlabs.org.uk/


Sometimes, assumption comes hand in hand with the emotions prevailing into the mind. In fact, emotion, without logic, simply influences the mind, and then, control the person's perception of things. And there are things prevailing in a person's way of assumption - whether it may be love, or happiness, depression, sadness, among other things.

So as to speak, emotions are not from the heart. In fact, they come from the hypothalamus section of the brain. Scientifically speaking, as generally accepted by scientists and psychologist alike, that hypothalamus excretes a hormone that influences emotion. And as it been going hand-in-hand with having assumed on things, it may seem for a person that a sign may be true, ending up on all of those assumptions a person may think of - ranging from having those movie scenes with crush to any kind of horrible things whenever possible. Along with that, actions may be seen in connivance with the mind of the person, seemingly acting "very weird" things that may be perceived as crazy by other people.

Therefore, assumption and emotion can be a deadly mix of human trait, along with that of brainy functions that calculate faster than a latest edition of a supercomputer. Such things must be in control so as the personality is very concerning, citing the stability issues from within.

There is danger in assuming.


Assumption most of the time is the result of a shallow mindset, expressing the obvious. Furthermore, it has been associated with a person being branded as judgmental, speaking on the things with false basis that is, without any deep research.

Opinionated ideas are often as good as it was, expressing on things that is badly need to express. But then again, being assumed by the person that expressing the wrong ideas, based on nothing aside from mere assumption, is indeed debatable up to the point that a person will just lose an argument. In philosophical perspective, it is at least possible, not to assume at all cases. In accounting, there is this saying: "Do not assume unless it is otherwise stated." In other words, in gathering information, one must be legit, must be good, and the facts are on the right track and the ideas are generally-accepted by many. As is the case for most of the resources in the web including this one, it is best not to assume immediately as is to be prejudice and promoting discrimination all among others, considering that such actions are in fact offensive and unethical.

A shallow mindset must be enhanced to a greater heights. Knowledge must prevail in most people. And speaking of information, it is important to check the facts that may support our argument, and to think radically without even assuming.

Stop assuming! Source: wehuntedthemammoth.com

It is better to ask than to assume. It was like giving a wrong impression. A mere misunderstanding. A discriminatory act. A haphazard approach in everyday life. Assumption kills friendship. It also distort the inner mind about distinction between fact and fiction. It is at least possible to be tactful and to think deep about the logic behind the vast phenomena of this universe. In lay man's term, stop assuming. It does not help either. Start thinking at facts. Accept it, and live with it.


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