Wednesday, April 15, 2015


Is it real? Or just mere coincidence? Life is a mystery. But, there is something more to learn.


There are things that have just sprout out of ordinary things. Events that eventually disrupts the entire way of life. It may be at good terms or not. But then again, it affects drastically at a person in a rarest moment whenever possible. It is surprising as it is, but only enters usually once in your life time. A rare opportunity as it was.

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As it was stated before. It came out of surprise. Well, how about a not-so-obvious type that is considered coincident time by time? Scientifically speaking, it is uncertain as what it try to pertains about. And there's a quote by the renowned scientist Albert Einstein that says: "Coincidence is God's way of remaining anonymous." Well, that was good to hear though, considering that things really made for that reason. Checking space and time, it is well pretty determined about the very exact time that events occur at the right timing wherein coincidence takes place. According from Dr. Bernard Beitman in the Epoch Times article "Frontiers of Science: Coincidence Studies", that there is a little bit scientific basis as far is research is concerned, using Carl Jung's ideology to apply his theory. Citing the strange phenomena, there is a sense of synchronicity in time involving coincidences.


Most of the time, coincidence mistakenly regarded as "fate." Let us assume that there is this coincidence wherein a person met with his crush every time when riding a mass transit. In such cases, some will think that those two persons were meant to be. But then again, they were not. In fact, it still needs plans to court a girl or boy, in which it is clearly not a coincidence.  Aside from that, fate and coincidence are not connected to each other not unitl LOVE interferes. So, the next time we met a girl from the neighborhood and saw her again in another place. Don't say it's fate. Not unless if you were meant to each other in the name of love. Coincidence? I THINK NOT! :D


So, scientifically speaking, we cannot find an exact value nor calculate it in the exact numerical position, as skeptics would say that coincidence is in-fact a mere coincidence. It is indeed a by-chance or an accidental opportunity that goes out of the blue and it goes on uncertain as to happenings and exact coordinates of events in a given timeline. So as to given those Godly gifts of mere imagination and a very nice mashup of ideas coming in at around 360-degree viewpoint, let us say that coincidence, although has blurry scientific basis, is in fact the very product of our own imagination, with merging events unexpectedly out of ordinary.


Well, as we can see about it, coincidence is in fact part of our life. Time synchronization usually happens, sometimes obvious, sometimes not. In fact, there is a reason upon such things really meant to happen. But there was no clear explanation about it. It is a mysterious part of our lives, the unexplainable, the blurry, and the not-so-conscious things and events that are keep on going at this dimension in time. So, when we see things that coincidence takes place, think again. It might be there for a reason behind simple, ordinary everyday life.


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