Thursday, March 19, 2015

The Struggles of Life.

PRECAUTIONARY MEASURE: This is a bit long [yeah, a bit-long], real-life, highly related article. Please bear with me.

Keep on going lads! It's a step away from success!!! (Retrieved from

Most of us have the downside of our lives. Of course we do! But I will give some of my experience regarding the struggles of life.

But one would wonder: Why do we need to suffer? Why do we need to surpass the stressful and the hard pare of our lives? Why?

One would say: I am a little bit jealous on my friends. They can do anything that I cannot. They are cool people; doing extreme things that is loved by many, that I cannot. Something that is envious one way after another.

It was like: Okay, okay. You win. You are the great one now. I lose that part of the greatest battles in life.

But then again, what do I gain in such disadvantages plus overwhelming mistakes? Nothing.

But it may take time upon realizing such things that may be realized. One would not know when does a person love you or not, in accepting at jobs, whatsoever. It may take some time to see what the future it may bring, that the struggles will end up with a wonderful life, with failures coloring life, making it thrilling, like a roller-coaster ride, uncertain upon the safety of it.

And it takes guts for us to get out of our comfort zones. But then again, there it goes. There are many times that we get out of our respected comfort zoned to go out, and to search on the green pastures. What do I mean? It means that opportunities may be out there. Connection with struggle? Of course, it is indeed, a struggle getting out of our comfort zones. Innit?

But let us bear it in our minds: Being down is part of being a human. A a species. As a mortal being. We are not gods that we can do things we desire, even rich people cannot control aging. Do they? The point here is that it is indeed being good that we learn something from anything unfavorable in our lives. It is just a matter of time that our goals will be reached.

Take note: when we stumble down, learn to stand up. And continue to walk into our paths. Inspire people. Inspire.


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