Friday, March 20, 2015

The Fruits of Hard Work


We heard many stories that success comes from hard work. And in hard work, you can achieve it up with your dreams like, being rich, being at the top, or getting the woman out of your life. But then again, why do we need to work hard in order to get what we want, although there are ways to just, give it easily. Why is it so?

A step forward and you've almost there. Just... Be Optimistic!


So, let us just say life is indeed really was. All of us have several problems. And there are people who are meant to born from nothing. But there are people who aspire and saying: I don't wanna give up. I want to reach the top no matter what kind of challenges life has ever thrown to me. It's as if one is brave enough to achieve that goal, facing whatever the risk lies ahead.

And..... Suddenly, after years of perspiration (and of course, inspiration) there it is! Somebody is at the top! He or she, is the boss, the manager, or even the president of a corporation or even a nation it could be. But then again, mind them, they are still as humble as they are, remembering the past that propel them to today's glory.

And it must be remain like that. One who is humble, and really knows how hard it is to live in this world in which it relies on the Darwinian principle of "survival of the fittest" wherein a person who is wise enough can  use his or her talents to full potential, and going to a different path into the direction of success.

I'm on the... Top of the world lookin' down on creation and the
only inspiration I can find...
 Always remember this quote: "Don't blame yourself if you were born poor. But then, blame yourself if you die poor.


The main idea is really indeed that simple. If you want to achieve success, sacrifice. Work the best you can. Push yourself out to the limit whenever possible. Remember, it is good in feeling if you reach the top. If you reach the goals, and those people will be proud of you. Think about it.

Motivate yourself. It's the thing that pushes us forward. Remember to even enjoy such hardships. Think of it as a game, with an aim to win. Yeah, just like that. And you can smell the fresh opportunities coming up into your path.

Take note: The essence of being human is there. Well, if you reach that goal, you'll suddenly crying with that tears of joy, thanking the ones who help you throughout the journey and you'll be happy. If you want that, think again. Let the sacrifice go on. Make it meaningful. Make it possible. Make your life go colorful. :)


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