Friday, February 27, 2015

Success, It Is Worth Rejoicing.


                In speaking of success, one would question, citing the curiosity like this: “What is the secret of success?” Wondering why several people ended up more successful than self, with doubts whether we ended up successful or not, and the fears that the inspirations we have in pursuing success will end up in nothing.

                There are many objectives in which we aim for, yet there are possibilities of success or failure in the way they’re planned. For me, accordingly, there are no secrets in determining success. There are so many people telling their success stories like having luxurious cars, a growing business, or living in a palace whose history is a poor kid begging for food. There are no secrets there. The only thing that separates us and success is the highly pessimist attitude that gives us the reason of staying inside our own comfort zones. So, the only thing that makes us to the top is more motivation for work hard and efficient, and to sacrifice more for us to reach at the top.

                Success is indeed rejoicing, especially when it comes as a gift from a long-time hard labor. It is on us to define our different form of success story, with no secrets at all, just more motivation and support. Success is only out there, but it is for us to grab it and take opportunity of what it is rejoicing in the name of success.


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