Monday, February 2, 2015

Strength from Failure

What is failure? What are it's core ideas? Why do we fail? There are lots of factors within the very reason of not succeeding in any aspect of challenges in life.

Here is an article that deeply focuses on failure in itself and how could we draw good from it.


We are perceptive and striving harder to do things in which we think pull us to glory. But as we speak of failure, we may all think that this is already the end of the world in all of our respective careers, our objectives, and most of all life in general. We are focused on the negatives; at first glance, and check out that such failures, if taken seriously, will kill us from the inside.

[Photo from] Failure is inevitable

Never give up! That's the thing a close relative or a friend may say, but it's difficult to do at first glance. And in fact, as the time goes by, it becomes the core of responsibility and motivation for most people to improve their very self in the name of glory. Examining failures is the best thing to do.

One may question saying "how do we do it?" and the answer to the question is to determine the main cause of failure and of course, learn from it. Sounds good in theory, but maybe difficult in actual situation if we carry on with our pessimistic emotions.

Well, let me quote the value of failing from The Emotion Machine website:

"Trying to fail on purpose teaches us a lot of valuable lessons. Just some of these things include:
  • Failure lets you know that you are going out of your comfort zone and trying new things.

  • Failure teaches you what your current limitations are and what you need to work on to improve yourself.

  • Failure shows you that failure isn’t that bad. The more you embrace failure, the more you become desensitized to it"

But it does not stop there. As stated above, you may even do study your failures [Applicable on failing grades] and to strive as to perspective to become the best among the rest.


The main point in failing is this: Failure is part of life. Without it, we are weak. We do not have the essence of being human.

Remember, most of successful people even fail. But in their case, it give them the opportunity to do best, to see best, and to transform failures as a form of asset that may transform ourselves into a better person. CONCLUSION: Be successful makes us strong. To fail makes us stronger. Success out from failures makes us the BEST PERSON ever in ourselves...



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