Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Poem: "Perfume"

Perfumes. A Liquid that is inside a bottle that will spray out the essence that will appreciate the smell and will put on nice glance with such good smell out of love.

A literary piece to you.


by: Honey Rose M. Ramos

That sweet scent wafted in the warm breeze
the moment before we met.

From then on my life was changed
love came with your perfume.
Each of my emotions in hyper drive
until then not alive.

Your perfume was so intoxicating
a doting slave I became.
One direction to achieve your attention
passion drew me under it's spell.
This energy and intensity could not last
one day a shadow was cast!

I became yesterdays man brushed away
when somebody else was snared.
Like me the perfume pulled them within
my heart shattered as I watched.
Another laying prostrate at your feet
no way could I take defeat.


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