Friday, February 27, 2015

Man's Greatest Fear: Being Alone


We, are social beings fond of having time together with peers-mostly friends and relatives. Also, we are fond of doing fresh and happy activities with all those people who are able to make us more social beings. 

            Being alone is something I am afraid of. It is one of the presumed cases in my life that I am afraid of the most.  For instance, I am afraid to refresh on my mind involving things, very nasty things. The things that are not supposed to be taught about, like bad experiences that had taken place, remembering the embarrassing moments, past failures, or even the darkest of times that took place in the portal of time, called past. Aside from that, I am afraid of something that may happen to me. As I, there is no one to stand by my side. Being alone mans vulnerability. Vulnerability from the possible threats that the evil minded has in store.

            It is okay to be alone provided that we are satisfied out of it. Furthermore, being human needs to be in touched with the so-called civilization around him or her. We all know that there is peace with being alone, for it serves as freedom. But in my case, being with someone is much better, in order for me to cope up with my fears of loneliness.

Photo: Huhuhuhuhuhu.. :'( I have no lovelife...

Main Point: We, as humans need each other. As the saying goes, no man is an island. There should even no conflicts, disagreements, and violence between us. As civilized people, we  must learn the morals: Respect, Discipline, Ethics and Trust. This is not just a point of idea or mere opinion; this is a clear fact that is to be established for the sake of the next generation. 

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