Thursday, February 19, 2015

Love Unreturned

            People love. It is the bond that keeps family united, relatives to trust, or even making couples go crazy, dumb, and emotional. It is indeed a gift from God. Love is (promoted) even in the most unexpected ways. But then, it comes with various risks like not returning love of a person that usually gives.

           With love comes trust. Without trust, there is no love. That is usually what happens when love goes unreturned by either a dishonest person, person with no commitments or a person with other priorities. In that case, when one is giving love, as if giving up almost all of his or her life for that person and that given love was duped, then that person is tend to end up more desperate, sad, and the worse of all, hopeless. As the title of this song goes, he or she may become “victims of love.” And if you love someone, make sure that he or she loves you, or else it is not fair and it can hurt you so much.

          In lay man’s term, a person who is crazy in love with another person is in fact so desperate that he or she must do things at all cost in order to satisfy both self-interest and the one a person loves. From that then it may be a clear case of love gone unreturned. And a person’s emotion who invests love for nothing may relate to the saying “Too much love will kill you” where he or she ended up hurting his or herself.

Photo: Please, I'm begging you. Please say you love me too.

          Are you relate of being in love of the person in which he or she did not return that love back to you? Well, you are not alone. In fact, most relationships fail because of this, and also people that wanted that specific person to become his or her partner also fail because of such reason -  he or she did not love you.

     But don't worry. My advise is, to find another person who will accept you wholeheartedly. It's because love is all about accepting the person in his or her good and bad side. In other words, LOVE THE PERSON IN HIS IMPERFECTION. That will heal the heart that is broken by the former lover. With that, tell that to your ex that he or she, is ABSOLUTELY WRONG about you.

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