Friday, February 27, 2015


               In a society, people who are not satisfied with their life tend to be desperate and sad. They fail to realize the very essence of existing in this world. These people are the saddest beings of the world.

            Contentment is one of the important things in our lives. It radiates upon us happiness and satisfaction. Big thing or small, is indeed significant in our lives. We need to accept what we have and not to rant for more. We also need to be thankful. We don’t need to try hard just to have one thing that e cannot achieve. For instance, a boy who happens to see a playmate with a new toy gets jealous at first. But realizing that his mother can’t buy him such toy, accepts the fact and continuous to be happy with what he has. This, thus manifests a simple example of contentment. Contentment is a degree of satisfaction that affects every person’s perception on things. If you are contented, there is no likes and dislikes.

            Being contented is a virtue. What is to be realized is, a person with such form of personality tends to give satisfaction in a way that is contagious and let the others do the same.

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Realization: We must be satisfied of what we have; without aspiring more of what it is not necessary. One must not be greedy and materialistic, but spend time with family. We must be happy on the things that we obtain, and to limit ourselves on it. Because, real happiness comes from within. Not somewhere else.


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