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       Pitzviews is a site that shows viewpoints tackling almost all sides of life. We focused more on any kind of events that simply affects the life of most people and also, any articles that may related on the experiences of several inspirational people plus knowledge that may be helpful somewhere in the future. Furthermore, some of the posts are result of the opinions made by the blogger himself with regards in the given topic.

      Aside from that, we also deliver news from different sources with the purpose of summarizing and also, giving ideas and information in which it was not purely bias and was balanced accordingly, covering both sides of the story.


       The Pitzviews aims to be a website with a high reputation and credibility based on mere facts and analysis and also capable to have a logical opinion based on the events that affect the daily life of each individual which is common to all.


        The blog site will pursue the credibility on the case in format and creation of its entries with some of it cited from the other sources and as well creates a certain viewpoint that gives a huge picture that will preferably benefit each and every reader to state up the facts and may be agree on the ideas based on the written articles here on the Pitzviews.


      To achieve both the vision and the mission stipulated in this blog site, the primary objective is to post intelligent, inspiring, commentaries, and viewpoints with sound logic and pertains to the everyday living of each individual and the reflections the blogger may bring that may serve as a knowledgeable and as well an inspirational appetite that will improve one's mind and being.


<---- This is Bernraf Orpiano.

Born in 1995, He is the one who is in the mind behind this blog site.

Out of mere interest, it is the vision that this blog site will be bearing intelligent and as well healthy discussions that may conform with the facts and analyses stipulated all across the world and as well establishing knowledge-based sharing of information wherein it is encouraged that the views given do subject to constructive criticisms, suggestions, and other ideas that may bring a given interest, facts, activities or beliefs into context. For it will give the readers the interest to understand and as well to share ideas to the wider range of readers that in one day, everybody will understand that with knowledge comes excellence.

       This blog site was started out of mere interest, which is to write blogs, articles, commentaries and other written literature that can be considered as "blog-worthy".

          As stated, this blog will reflect the views of the blogger and will surely be neutral in all positions and thus, giving an idea of a logical viewpoint or perspective of each and every event taken in place and was meant to give the people inspiration and enlightenment out of the written literature stated here in this site.

        You will also know more about the blogger himself and several activities given from social media sites. 

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