Thursday, July 27, 2017

VAWC: The Griming Thought on its Atrocities

Violence against women and children, shortened as VAWC, is an abomination which looks on exploiting women and children for personal desires of various range from profits to sexuality. So to speak, this is something the society will never tolerate about with offenders being persecuted for good.

Violence is a no-no in a civilized, modern society.
In the civilized world, it is an imperative for each and every citizen of different age, race and gender to have their rights being practiced where in that sense, people especially the women and children have the right to live their life fully in a sense that they are safe against any bad elements coming from all degrees of life and environment therein.

However, this is not the case where at first glance, the word “violence” inserting alongside women and children is sending chills through the minds of each and every worthy people wherein such unjust and unlawful acts against these innocents is simply unbearable to see or hear. So to speak, various violence that these criminals waging against the vulnerable women and children is by that nature “traumatic” that it shall not be downplayed upon. The government is somewhat doing its best in order to save more victims from the wrath as well as keeping the potential ones at bay or to be extinguished thereon.

Child abuses, rape, child labor, and acts of lasciviousness are no laughing matter. Catcalling also fell in that category alongside both child and adult-based pornography. In the age of information technology and social media, these platforms aside from being beneficial is also making these criminals much sophisticated than ever there is. Ranging from voyeurism, stalking and posting private photos of innocent women and children online, these people simply degrade the dignity of innocent women and children where they aren’t abused physically, but rather they are abused mentally which also affects their personality. Good thing that laws like the cyber-crime law or anti-voyeurism law are already in place where they can now fight for their rights even the crime takes place in the internet.

The griming atrocities and violence against women and children is something that doesn’t need to get a blind eye upon. This is something that needs to get resolved where offenders shall get punished in a way they’ve done their nasty activities unmercifully. It is for the sake of each and everyone’s safety that people are to be respected in both ways where having themselves exploited in dubious purposes is a big no-no in the modern-day society.


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