Sunday, July 23, 2017

The July 2017 Reflections

On the seventh month of the seventh year under the second decade in the 21st century, one is deemed ascertain that this reflection story goes along with the obvious such as technology, increasing work standards and practicality. However, that is not always the case. If one wonders about the figurative form of speech of this entry, it is better that way so as there are people who can get a point, or not at all.

It is always as good to follow your dreams. 
On the viewpoint of a person who born in the nineties, times such as these do change a lot where information technology is the thing. In that sense, businesses, organizations and individuals also change the way things are approach with. So to speak, it also has to do with attitudes and emotions as well. In this age of maturity in both mind and body, the demand for organized reporting slowly arises as well as the observant in the eyes of your very own: Liberal men and women getting to show themselves up.


Emphasis such as feelings and observations are deemed to be disclosed but in the sense that not everything is worth to be consummated by the public. That is in respect to the privacy rules which by mere common sense, shall be respected at all avenues given. No doubt, in the awakening and the enlightenment of a person in the wisdom that it pertains, it is as worthy to keep it in respective files and storage database with regards to one’s own desire rather than disclose things that are not worthy to be posted or rather to get caught up in a mere suspicion. Better to keep it that way, though.

Getting alone with people is one thing. Not trusting them a lot is another. Combining it altogether is what makes a workplace a friendly and appealing one. Speaking of which at a present tense, all things do go fine with just a hiccup that by anytime may burst out to oblivion with little remedies to spare. Alternative courses of action may be to keep on grabbing the pole while riding in the waves, or to look for a lifeboat to embark upon. The urge is on the latter with the hopes that a much sturdy ship will come to a rescue where it is commandeered upon by the people who serves the public, seriously.

Much on the socialization, it is in a much sense that many people love to get mingle from one over the other and vice versa, especially among different sexes where in this age, one may get serious to take up a relationship at the cost of fortune for gifts, foods and galore as well as the love of cuddling one over the other where a day will be completed thanks to the time given to their other ones. The thing here there is that one gets interested looking at the signs so as how to know when girls flirt where in any place and in any situation, there is no surprise that such a person becomes vigilant in his surroundings all because of that. That is amazing indeed.

Given all of the cuddling and some charmingly in love thingy that goes all along, there is no doubt that subliminal messaging and sometimes hypnotic trances comes into play. Partly being weird though, but that’s what the way we interpret things where a person’s conscious mind may or may not handle the cravings of the subliminal mind especially if this sleepy part of the brain is being messed up subtly. No pun intended, but a person is not a psychologist to make up a technical view with regards to this matter. Otherwise, it maybe gets interested as it gets further.

And with love goes amazing things. Things like conservative girls revealing their beauty to the world, or men achieving milestone by milestone, or people getting motivated everyday to get their dreams real are inspiring in their own worth wherein all of these things despite the tough responsibilities, self-discipline, chest pains, palpitations and itchy skin, the world keeps on revolving on positivity and any of these hardships are deemed to be offset, or to be credited in accounting terms in which a person of such profession do love.

Inspiring as the world it seems to be, a person also takes note of the negatives that took place in the society. From judgmental social media users to disagreeable political policies, or from raging conflict to charm diplomacies with a sworn enemy, it seems to be that in this year of hopes and dreams, things simply went as colorful as it is like for instance, the brunt of those salty people who love blocking people are taking tolls on knowledge exchange or, fanbois and fangals admiring their own “idols” where for them, weapons with “kaboom” effects or some Korean soap operas affects personalities in the sense that the disparity of truth and fiction goes blurry, hence the arise of fake news and misleading viewpoints. No doubt, there are Facebook pages and groups that is operated by fanbois where some of those outlets have a grudge against your very own.

Now, here is the ultimate admiration of the self when it comes to achieving the dreams worth achievable and admirable. Clue-dropping, present thinking suggests that a dream car always starts in letter C and the same also applies to a dream lover. So to speak, these things along with tech improvements, self-sufficiency, united families and economic progress are a stooge of practicality in a sense that they are not there for the sake of luxury. Getting simplified, it is all there for self-satisfaction in the sense that more motivation is needed in order to inspire more other people who are needed some caressing help at this time around. One only hopes that all of these things will be achieved, if God wills it.


Things that gone along this moment in time is somewhat having its favorable and unfavorable taste of moments where emotionally speaking, it becomes bittersweet. To take things up, a workplace of the present is a test-bed for what it is to come in the future so, take time learning and owning those mistakes. All of those things are experiences that will make a best out of the self in the better job on that side of the future. Not also to mention, the hardships of the present gives a blueprint for solving up problems of the present and of the upcoming time. Good to know, financial matters do emphasize these days where one prays that there will be blessings in disguise.

Add to these things are the signs with regards to the caressing love that goes both ways. In that so to speak, it is as worthy to know the psychology as well as the maneuvers regarding about it wherein winning hearts and minds whether it is done subtly or not are a necessity to have a happy life. Not also to mention lovely observations that interconnects to the inspiration made by people who love to reveal themselves more that makes the world much colorful. Given also this year’s hopes and dreams, it is a good thing to feel the down side, for in it gives a sign that something far more interesting is coming on its way. And with that means keep on praying to the Almighty One above thanking for the blessings and keep on seeking the inspiration on the things that needs to be done as well as for the dreams and aspirations one will surely work upon. And speaking of dreams, having a dream car and dream lover is sufficient enough to make the self happy. Or if not, more write-ups can also complement it up. So as all of it God wills it so to speak.

In the stir-up battles and conflicts that keep on shaking the world where lives have changed and the views that come along to it, such is the thing that one is deemed thankful that a person attains such level where some others cannot, or would not achieve. That alone is a blessing. Hence, it is as good to use it properly in the sense that helping other people is a good thing rather than making money out of them. Yeah, greener pastures are also good thing. But also the same applies with people.

Bottom line is that, keep on aspiring and work out for it. Who knows? Time will just come that all of hopes and dreams will bear fruit. Thing is, just sacrifice a bit more.


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