Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Job Hunting, Digital Divide and the Society's Marginalized People

This is a viewpoint that links job hunting and digital divide that will affect the opportunities given to applicants especially the ones who are from marginalized people in the society.

Job hunting nowadays is deemed difficult as well as competitive where in it lies the truth that job descriptions and requirements, among others is somewhat unparallel in a sense that beside the things aforementioned plus the eligibilities needed, it also includes the know-how on using the technology at this digital age where aside from appealing and well-printed resumes, an edge on being literate on technology is a today’s necessity where it puts people from marginalized sectors of the society into the disadvantage.

It all bears truth at present where online applications becomes much convenient where sites like Jobstreet and social media outlets like Facebook providing job vacancies with the potential of having a job that is in line with the accomplishments of an applicant therein. Also, the digital divide affects  the very expertise of the said applicant that is needed in a certain company particularly to the ones that incorporates technology wherein the process is system-based that for sure, a computer-literate person or a tech-savvy one will have an edge over a person who have no such privilege on technology where in that sense, the former will much likely landed a job considering that having an excellent skill on how to use the technology as well as knowing its step-by-step process smoothly and thoroughly is something that a company is looking for that one may no longer require training which pertains to a lesser cost for an application. Moreover, such a divide simply makes the job market much more competitive that those who are out of touch in technology needs to cope up where in schools, subjects pertaining to Information Technology is a requirement for students to be oriented and enhanced in such a skill for them to prepare in the real world as well as to be competitive in a sense that enhancing the lessons in such subject may mean a better chance of landing a job aside from credentials and eligibilities given.

To summarize this up, the impacts of digital divide on job opportunities of the people in the marginalized sector of the society is so huge that there is no other way to compensate but to strive hard and study for the best where fruitful results are made as well as the expertise needed in a workplace accrued that by the time comes, the said people will be at par with the ones privileged in the sense that the chances of landing a good job position will be increased than it is before.


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