Monday, April 24, 2017

Friends and Relationships - A Poem For Broken Hearted

Being hurted and desolated, this is a poem in which by nature reflects a woman's heart wherein in it emphasizes the overflowing of emotions in a sense that one needs to move on.

By Brittney Orpiano

Everyone makes mistakes
But for me, I don't know how it will take
It's really hard to think that you're in-love
To a person who doesn't want your love

I cannot have a man who ignores me like this
I cannot have a man who says too many promises
I just don't want those fling words
But we can't shout what we have to the world

It makes me think of me and you
I didn't find another even I really want to
Is it time for me to let go?
So, bye! I cannot have a man who takes me for granted like you do

I thought it's already you
But my heart says "Sorry, but no."
Maybe it's really time to move on
Because we don't have the same thing in common

Thank you for the friendship
That I though would be a relationship
I know it's hard for me
But I am really trying, don't worry.
Always dare to inspire more despite the desolation.


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