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Reflecting the Life of Rizal

The life of Dr. Jose Rizal is something Filipinos and the Malayan race will surely proud of. Moreover, there is something that needs to get pondered upon about his life.

Portrait of Rizal.
Dr. Jose Rizal was a man who is famously known as one of the greatest Filipino heroes there are considering his contributions that have led to the Philippine Revolution of the late 1890s where his written publications like the “Noli Me Tangere” and “El Filibusterismo” received an ire of the local Spanish Friars, the Government and a source of inspiration for the Filipinos, Indios in particular, to stand up against the Spanish abuse of power. And there is more on Rizal that is worthy to be discussed in the way that it gives the way on what he has becoming of that is essential of  the ever-growing Nationalism at that time. That is, about his wonderful life, experiences and realizations that made him grow and became the person he was known for.

José Protasio Rizal Mercado y Alonso Realonda was born in Calamba in the Philippines' Laguna Province. He was the Seventh child among the nine children of Francisco Mercado Rizal and Teodora Alonzo Realonda where Rizal idolizes as a model of fathers and loving, prudent mother. That alone gives realization that Rizal’s parents inspire him and molded him of what he became wherein his intellectual prowess were enhanced by his mother when he was three years of age where he was taught to learn the alphabet and learned to read and write two years later. The sense of motivation which was tapped the intellect inside Rizal was so astonishing that in my point of view gives inspiration as a student or as an academia to harness and use the potential things in learning that gives an ever-lasting impact to the society later on where Rizal demonstrate it.

His intelligence and a good heart really is a good combination to have. Upon knowing his mother’s sickness, he motivates himself to learn medicine at University of Santo Tomas and eventually going to Europe to learn more about medicine, poetry and other things. It was then at that time that he realizes number of things that he notices about the sad reality of life. It was there he made the novels Noli Me Tangere and El Filibusterismo, being a member of La Liga Filipina which was made by several Filipinos aspiring for reforms as well as for the well being for the Filipinos back to the fatherland in which they were either abused, maltreated or exploited by several Spaniards where in such sense needed significant change in the nation in which in my point of view, gives a sign of hope for enlightening Nationalist minds that was inspired from various revolutions sparked in Mainland Europe and in Americas where it gives me the inspiration to love our nation. But all of it comes at a cost where he pay it with his life for all of his writings for the sake of making the nation and its citizens free again from oppression.

There are many lessons to get pondered from his life. First is from his saying “the hope of the fatherland lies in the youth.” It gives us the sense of realization that the youth have a huge responsibility to be good citizens of this beloved nation where we do our respective roles that makes improvements as well as making our country progressive, the community responsive and the family being benefited from all of the things the nation provides through labor, laws, policies and other various things that come upon it. Moreover, his life in itself is an amazement that each and every Filipinos shall emulate in the sense that our contributions in the society as well as our collective intellect do help for each and every people’s benefit where in the end, nobody loses.

At the end of the day, it is beneficial to learn about Dr. Jose P. Rizal and all of his works, achievements and personal life where it is worth reflective in my life as a student in such a case that it gives me a reason to strive more, work more, motivate more and most of all, inspire more. Overall, his life serves as a beacon to each and every Filipinos to do the best of their efforts for the country’s development as well as for educating the people where his legacy lives on.

On the Movie "Jose Rizal" by Cesar Montano

The movie is entitled “The Life of Rizal (sic, Jose Rizal)” where it talks about Dr. Jose Rizal in which it was played by a great actor in the name of Cesar Montano. As I watch the movie, I observed the similarities of some scene in relevance to the youth of today where they face the harsh reality of life such as the fairly bad treatment to the children as well as for the women. That is, if not physically were verbally abused by those people in power such as the politicians.

They primarily think with their wealth and position where they don’t care hurting their fellow countrymen. The film also depicts how great Rizal is in terms of his poetry, his mastery on medicine as a doctor, as an amazing artist, a lover, a brother, a good son, and most of all, a genius. It also depicts why we need to love our parents because as a son, Rizal showed his deep love and reverence for his father by simply obeying what his father tells him. That’s a good and noble way a great son can pay to his parents alongside respect and loving them.

The movie depicts love because Rizal is not just a hero, a writer and a great doctor but he can also be a great lover. In that case, he loved Leonor Rivera who was his cousin. Aside from that, the movie tells us not to give up our dreams whether it is big or small because Rizal did not give up in pursing his dream even if there are people who keep pulling him down and not believing him that may stop him from pursuing it so as a student, I do believe that I shall never stop believing because dreaming is free and always optimistic of what I am capable of just like Rizal where he’d been a lot of struggle in order to wrote and published his two great novels which are the Noli Me Tangere and El Filibusterismo in which it plays a very important role in knowing the personality of Rizal as well as depicting the reality of the Spanish rule where they harass and maltreat the Filipino people especially the women and children.

Lastly, it is an inspirational movie of how Rizal touched and captured the hearts of many people. It is also a movie that reminds us and as well as he wealthy and to those people who have position in the government to treat people in the way they should be treated in the sense that they shall not hurt them but rather, to love and treat them equally and fairly.


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