Thursday, January 26, 2017

The US-Perceived Anti-China Policy

In the new setup of people administering the United States, it is as promising that the people are seeing that change slowly takes place where the so-called “American Greatness” will came at hand, just like what many people in the Philippines looking at the government today.
In this also comes series of offenses that struck China where its affected neighbors benefit.

The new POTUS is against China. Source
Mr. Donald Trump is about to sworn in as the 45th president of the United States. And in this come hopes and promises for the people that their country may be great again, in that where several people are attacking him in several degrees especially his so-called racist and sexist rhetoric as well as reports of the so-called Russian hacking of the Democratic National Council (DNC) where it may be found farce by several sources. Other than these, the main portion of this commentary will be talking on the Far-Eastern foreign policy of the incoming administration where thawing of ties with China started when the Taiwanese President congratulates Mr. Trump which makes the Chinese reacted aggregately. Not to mention that there are allegations that the Chinese stole American jobs (PRI). Albeit the trade ties between the two, it seems that the coming days with regards to these kinds of situation may definitely be unfolded one by one. This in which, may help the other claimants in the West Philippine Sea to get motivated in such actions if it follows the narrative that it seems to set in.


This administration as given in its impression will be hard on its implementing policies where statements do affects a prominent organization or groups of people. This was proven on the tweets (where it may seem as reckless, though) that the incoming president posted where the parties involved are indeed affected on their operations where it impacts the way things run. In the case of the incoming Secretary of State, that includes having the Chinese deprived of the access in the artificial islands… This in which, unsurprisingly, have the Chinese react so hard that in the series of rhetoric coming upon, they are threatening the US of the so-called nuclear war where they are defending this indisputable territory in which they claim in all cost even if it means a full-scale conflict that may transform a portion of the planet into a wasteland.  

The disputed waters. Source
The given case in this kind of issue persisted on years is deemed complicated in the sense that overlapping claims, sovereignty and territorial integrity of each and every party involved can be affected on the changing status quo in the format of the territorial positions per country. As in the case for the United States, it has alliance obligations bind by agreements such as the Mutual Defense Treaty. Moreover, the South China Sea, named as West Philippine Sea in the Philippines and East Sea in Vietnam, is also considered a maritime trade route where economies like those of the US rely on. These are some of the factors that makes the US involve in this issues that may make China furious.

Taking this Bloomberg article, President Donald Trump upon winning the 2016 election receives a congratulatory call from Taiwanese president Tsai-ing Wen which definitely, and unsurprisingly makes China react so hard insisting on the One China Policy where there is only one Chinese nation in the name of the Communist People's Republic of China, downgrading Taiwan as nothing more like a renegade province with self-governing status as well as own armed forces. Some brief history gives us an idea that the Taiwanese government, for a fact serves as a successor of the Chiang Kai Shek-ruled Kuomintang Government of the Republic of China which was once the ruler of China until Mao Zedong's Chinese Red Army takes over. From there when makes the relations across the Taiwan strait a bit bitter in the sense that it still persist today, given the ferocity China have over the congratulatory call. But the said event can be said as a tip of an iceberg.

Under President Trump, it is ascertain that the new administration vowed to stop Chinese aggression over the South China Sea which is also named as West Philippine Sea in the Philippines and East Sea in Vietnam. Accordingly, such move may mean dangerous escalation among China, the United States and the other claimants in the area (ABS-CBN News). Upon the analyses of The Diplomat and The National Interest over the South China Sea, the artificial islands the Chinese have made seen as the sign that a challenge is up for the Chinese to face a military power against the US, in which it seem as an exploit for the then Presidential Candidate over a weak government in which he inherits. Accordingly, the Chinese threatens to use military force just to defend its islands and keeping it from blockade in which the US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson under Trump threatens to have the islands inaccessible for the Chinese to have (Sky News). In the case of the other claimants, it may give a promising gesture where such actions the US made may benefit the said nations in the sense that a head-on challenge with China or putting them out of the said islands, presumably do give assurance that the other outposts in the area will be safe out of harm's way as well as having other islands reclaim from the way it used to be such as Philippines' case on Scarborough Shoal if things go properly and is in favorable terms.

The same may be apply on the Disputes between China and Japan over the disputed Senkaku/Diaoyu islands. In that case, the United States have bases in Japan for quick response as well as Japan's Self-Defense Force being fully-equipped to defend itself despite having a constitution preventing them to have an armed forces which is resulted from the stigma of the atrocities made by the old Japan in the Second World War. However, the so-called overseas bases such as those in Japan like in the island of Okinawa is worth to get closed as part of cost-cutting strategy of the US Armed Forces and instead allocating it to defend the continental US from potential adversaries as well as the withdrawal of the US in the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) in which it was spearheaded altogether with Japan (The Japan Times). In that case, NATO forces in Europe will be a doubtful one with the US out of the picture where defense issues on that part of the world will get threatened with the so-called Russian aggression in which President Trump wants to befriend on (Time).

In these things, such venture is a promising yet threatening one. Promising in the sense that the US will stand alongside weaker claimants in the South China Sea which make China pissed. Also unto that, promising in the sense that Taiwan is at least recognized as a separate entity. In case of Japan, there is a little change since this nation is on its own when it comes to defending the islands. However, these things are a threatening one not only to China but also to the US and other parties involved considering the risk and the possibility of retaliation if any mistake was made. Hence, it will mean further devastation which may cost lives, economy and destruction of important cultural centers.


Speaking of the outcome, only time will tell about the certainty of these policies given the number of days the administration started to seat in the office. More unto which, such ideal matters in these kind of diplomacy as well as strategic ones are worthy to get attention as well as having a close watch unto them as the decision makers change the spectrum of the way things run in the disputed areas such as China among other East Asian neighbors.


This kind of policy that provokes China through the South China Sea/West Philippine Sea as well as Taiwan under the case of such country stealing American jobs gives hope that in the case of the Philippines, these actions are supporting its stance as it rejects the Chinese nine-dash line as well as its encroachment on numerous rocks and islands it claims. However, such actions are afraid to get escalated on a full-scale conflict where many casualties may incur that both sides are trying to prevent. In this case though, it is at best for the new US administration to consider calculated actions in the sense that it will benefit the US and the other weak claimants as well as Taiwan over China. Hence, it may be a wonderful thing to see in theory, but such thing in application remains to be seen.


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