Sunday, January 1, 2017

The Sun Rises at the New Beginning

A new year awaits, with new opportunities which coincides promising results tapping potentials and making better results based from the old year's misfortune.

It all starts in a single step.
Walking up, looking in the window, seeing the sunshine touches the wonders of nature, a great motivation kicks in that starts a year right with the sense of urgency.

These things with urgency are somewhat connotes duties, responsibilities, sacrifice and obsession with the sense of enjoying the journey, feel the challenge and being optimistic with the results with the guidance of the Lord up above. These in which are not meant to boast on other people and instead keeping it to thyself until the credit is due. In such cases, it keeps a thrill to live a life with fully active participation in highly relevant activities where it is the driving force of passion and determination that is based upon strategic planning, everything is all set.

These is something that needs to get pondered upon. Not only this writer, nor his pamphlet named "Pitz Planner 2017", but also to those who are hoping for the best where God provide and guide on the things we need in His goodness.

This is where the direction should be, towards
One may say "be honest and normal as well as being creative, and the rest follows." It bears the truth in itself. That is because acting like a weird person brings in the fun on everything that surrounds the person which is indeed a wrong place to do so.Everything is always set, as it is being said again here in this article for the second time around, where it must be followed thoroughly with the sense of creativity at play.

Let's say a person's dead interest of proceeding to accountancy or law is being alive once again. This time, it bears the sense of social wealth where brainstorming is a necessity. One will surely motivated to read books just to enlighten, share or teach other people. It was like sharing a well-informed opinion in an online forum like for instance, a defense forum where article-based sound viewpoints is being made. Serving as a test bed of incurring knowledge that needs to get offset, of course one's generosity will be commended in the sense that self-emulation is stimulated to the point of obsession in the sense that answering various accounting problems ranging from Practical Accounting to Auditing Problems, Forensic Accounting to Advanced Accounting, Law of Sales to Taxation and so on and so forth are made simple in a hand's touch. Much like a Math Wizard who was awaken from the inside, motivated by the recent movements in the society. Moreover, the sense of urgency in the workplace will be seen as the greatest thing to do simply to put from doing households the harm's way. That in which will be redeemed in the form of hard-earned cash worthy to share a portion to the family, a portion to the bank with time deposit accounts bearing  the highest interest rates in the market and most of all, the rest will be for self-improvement. Looking for a soulmate or say, a fully-cherished one is not worthy to be prioritized and is not in the radar spree. That is even if those ones are just too sophisticated where it was all discussed there in several chitchats taken from self-emulating reflections worthy to be a self-sufficient one which is a two-year procedure it is. Given the priorities, a person who is just getting up from the misfortunes of a fully-cursed time period will focus first in looking for a job that will give sustainability to the self, the family as well as the community needs at an adequate time period which can be double an annum. Moreover, academics and investments simply come together with the first step being done. Speaking of work place, a foundation shall be laid before proceeding to the piers that will make up a career. And that's how it is to be. Other details about that shall entail to the mind and the mind only of the person who's doing the planning and acting.

The new beginning comes a promising mindset that entails optimistic inputs and outputs that is worth more emulating in one's growing inspiration in life as if looking at the sunrise where the sun's rays gives hope of what is to come. Moreover, the efforts of the self that includes sacrificing and dedication to the priorities and goals there is serve as a stepping point of achieving what it needs to be achieve. It is about self-growth, not others.

The sun rises at a field abundant with the blessings given by nature.
It is a prayer of each and every person who hopes that the dreams will become realities, sacrifices will give worth, guidance to what is to be ideal in the name of God's Glory and Humble Service wherein one's struggle is a necessity to undertake and understand the suffering and the sheer discipline it takes to push through and forward towards our attainments in life. Add to that all of those efforts that needs to be made starting from looking for an ideal job, doing best at it thereafter, pursuing academics, stabilizing financial position and so on that benefits many persons where inspiration and blessings are being showered upon the family who is united as one and is divided by none. These in which gives a promising tomorrow we ought to bring wherein the future lies in our efforts guided with prayers that gives spiritual strength.

In behalf of the Pitzviews blogsite, we would want to say to each and everyone "Happy New Year 2017" where hopes and dreams can be attained. May God Bless Us, and our prayers answered.


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