Friday, December 9, 2016

Career Challenges

The year 2016 seems to be a good year for some and not to the others. In this case, it is somewhat sad as well as depressing where in the light of others’ success, the feelings of one’s self is somewhat depressing as he sees that he is getting left behind in the glimpse of the other’s success.

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Haphazard planning is seemed as easy like it used to be, but it is a no-no for it to get applied. A person doing this is the person who is confident or does not give value of sacrifice, time and other matters for the so-called non-value added activities. It gives more harm than good, it suffices, and it makes thing gone from bad to worse. Add to that the mishaps; one may immediately conclude that the year 2016 is not a favorable year for such people. Henceforth, the motivations for the hopes and dreams of the next year are indeed a best thing to do. All in which it will be done with sacrifices and working under the radar.

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Being envious on people will definitely not help for such a backward-attitude where pessimism prevails. The only thing an individual can do is to self-assess; and raising the bar of standards based on the assessment. More unto that, the obsession on the job, career, success and excellence shall be done with full support and motivation in the sense that sacrifices made are not that hurtful as well as the determination is done like there is no tomorrow. Albeit the hurtful feelings, being resilient in the light of unfavorable things shall be done and the lessons of this year shall be put into mind where it will never get happen again.

One thing that comes in the mind of an individual is that the other person he knows have their own series of successes that are indeed commendable while the self does not even pass a thing, where in fact past experiences suggest that the said persona of the individual is known to be an academia-centric mentality where passing rates are an expectation. Sad thing there is that series of mishaps bears a shock of this individual’s life, where the will to live harmoniously is being hampered so hard where having a job that he hates is only obtainable in a month and exams are keep on failing despite the efforts. Something is wrong in this individual in which it may be resolved.

Crying inside, this person instead dwells to his interest where he seems that it gives him happiness albeit the life’s sadness such as being an enthusiast of various things. Deep within the persona, regret is there where the heart is crying so loudly in the Lord God above, as well as the loved ones passed away, asked as to why such bad things really do happen? Is it a punishment from up above? Or somehow, is there a mission where this individual is simply not aware of? Inasmuch as the self is concerned, it is like that an ideal thing for a person who is hopeless to do is to go away in some place, find a job there, and start life all over again, and once self-confidence is regained, will return again like a prodigal son as written in the bible.

One will say: “They are there, celebrating a lot for the achievements that are made. Somehow, the future is so bright at them where they can attain the goals the way they push it. Good thing for them and it’s worth commendable.” Somehow, the self-pity the individual have in this case is amplified where one does not have a choice but to hide it instead to other person presumably being happy so as not to show the sadness and the problematic things that is hidden inside the heart. All of these will be out in several channels of communication, where few or little, or possible, no one will notice. Writing it is an appropriate thing though, for it is the most ideal thing for a problematic person to do.

By now, there’s nothing he can do but to weep inside, and thinking for the next practical approach there will be. Life’s worth may be diminished, but not the ultimate one percent. In this case, a person in himself will definitely after opportunities that are coming out in the sense that it is all for self-consumption. This in which set as an interim for what is to come where the details for it for sure will never get out where it involves one’s personal life, that is. The others may or may not understand the struggles a person may undertake, but there is one, underlying message that one must understand: never give up, nor give in. Just hope for the best and prepare for the worst.

Hopes and dreams are still alive, albeit that the candlelight is almost blown out by the wind or in lay man’s term, being gone blurry by the series of bad luck and unforgivable things together with the bad attitude and misleading feelings that leads to very, miserable life of the year 2016. All of which may attributed to haphazard planning in which, as stated in the first part of this written literature, as a very dangerous thing. The self thinks that, as the times are coming by, thinking for strategic matters in the year 2017 shall consider every tine-tiny detail that it still matter to the word success. Since from the beginning of the Pitzviews writer-sphere in 2015, success is all about a necessary matter where by next year, there will be less writing and more acting. That is for sure, a lenient measure to matter the most.

The individual is only thinking of one thing, just one thing. That is to find a job and start up a career. That’s why we studied hard and graduated from college due to that thing. In this case, it is time to create something that makes us commendable of our own worth where in ourselves believe that the hopes and dreams will be at hand and hence, hard work, determination and sacrifice shall be done to get on its way. Be wise enough, for the year 2017 is the year of opportunities. It is now or never.

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Hopes and dreams are still attainable with sheer determination and great sacrifice in order to get things done. That means less tempting activities and other luxurious things plus fun for the sake of focusing more towards the goal in a given and certain about of time. These in which gives the assurance that everything will be reachable step by step closer to victory, the way it is grabbed on. The thing with this kind of career matters; one shall grab it where it will determine the progress of the future. We have a mission to do. That’s why we exist here.


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