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The Roles of the Citizenry

Each and every citizen of each nation has their own respective roles that are deemed vital to the survival of the nation. That is, regardless of the simplicity and the nature of such roles therein based on basic preferences.

Every individual has a role to play.
People from different backgrounds, different places and different preferences are pursuing to do a prominent job that most people do. That is, having a good life with a good source of money coming from a decent job in a workplace where one can support his or her family as well as the community and the country in the sense that dedication is made to have an ideal life there is, all in the name of humble service.

Professionals, technical, students, and others have their own way to contribute things that may bring the whole nation to a whole level. It was just several, if not most of the people aren’t fully aware of it. Not to mention that such contribution are simply just done by doing simplest of things like being obedient to parents or cleaning one’s backyard. These in which gives the whole perspective that even the simplest of things, if done by numerous people, have a significant impact to the whole nation in general. Such thing would mean significant change where the people have the power given the roles specified.

This discussion matter talks about each and every individual and the potential of having a key role in this nation with sheer propriety of dedication, responsibility, and maturity. These things, among others are several key matters with regards about citizen’s roles to the nation.

Protecting the nation.
Playing a role means establishing a good attitude. And that means anybody, even a good professional, will have a good means that doing a good role for a better nation means a good thing for a family to have a nice, confident life with services being rendered.

Let us say that for instance, a soldier serving in the armed forces will dedicate his courage and his life for this nation to stand up for its sovereignty which coincides with the freedom cherished by each and every relatives and friends that are enjoying right now in the sense of making good memories and fresh, unforgettable moments in life. Every personnel play a key role to ensure the peaceful life of each and every citizen who also plays their own role for the country’s improvement. Take also for example the country’s civil servants who are in key positions in the government. These people shall bear in mind about the roles of serving the nation where each and everybody’s needs are to be prioritized. And that also means that even a basic clerk in the office still have a chance to contribute in the nation in the way that transparency reports are made. With this, civil servants wanted to do more with their best of abilities that may serve best in the whole nation through good attitude, business practice and work ethics.

Establishing a good attitude brings a lot of opportunities ahead in heading a key role that set the country in a full throttle for a prosperous life. The next generation will bear fruits in these advancements where they will benefit. Overall, having good attitudes established, cherished and shared will mean continuous success for each and every individual serving wholeheartedly.

The Manila Skyline, a sign of development. Source
Most people with good responsibilities contribute to development either directly or indirectly. And these include everything in life that activities are made every day, from doing a job to making a transaction. These are all because of this one word: taxation.

Taxation is one of three fundamental functions of the government alongside eminent domain and police powers. This feature talks about requiring each establishments, businesses, organizations, as well as individuals, are required to pay taxes in which it serve as the life line of the government for it to pay all of its expenditures, acquisitions, infrastructure projects, and others that plays to developing the whole nation. More unto this, there are other ways as well aside from taxation that each and every citizen contributes for the success of this nation. These are through our actions. Complying with the law is enough to make a change. Simplistic things such as properly disposing garbage to going on appointments at time are such a good thing for development. In connection of with having a good attitude, doing the job well may mean development. That means, establishing such mentality may give a great contribution to the development of this nation. Building highways, airports, bridges, and a lot more will be done without scrutiny if good attitude and dedication instilled. Military weapons like fighter jets, frigates, missile launchers, attack helicopters, tanks and more will get acquired where the nation is secured all in the name of the contribution of the people’s taxes. Careers like being a lawyer, accountant, nurse, pharmacist, agriculturist, policemen, solider and others will have its standards raised where people pursuing that career have the sense of contributing things for the nation’s development. Political will, projects done on time, good transactional service, affordable needs, other matters that benefits the citizens, name it. These contributions benefit each and every citizen of this nation, government worker or not, in due time.

Being a role player giving contributions in the country regardless of preferences is indeed a necessary thing it is considering that in their own worth, they made their own share of their dedications with their careers that are the driving force for the success of the whole country as well as having such role where feeding up and enjoying with family members are a good thing considering that for every consumption means taxes contributed in the country.

Career enhancement. From Ohio Salvation Army Website.
Students, upon graduating, are pushing the efforts to pursue lifetime careers which are essential for nation building. And in particular, these matter talks about everybody. Graduates of technical vocational courses, bachelors’ degree, and even the ones that require eligibility are all have key roles that are helpful for the nation’s development. Their actions are the ones that are deemed helpful for the family, the community, and the country.

All of these are not deemed worthy without making sacrifices. Before taking up the role and being responsible about it, students of respective courses took up several tests, stringent evaluations, assessments and requirements that are up to the standards of the numerous future jobs they will take as per given principles therein. All of these are subject to make up or fail throughout the given time session where sheer dedication, time management, tough times for reviewing and studying as well as sacrificing luxurious time for other leisure things are deemed necessary for this to be done. For cadets in the military installations, these are involved physical training that pushes the person to the brink, in the sense that their body, mind as well as skills will be honing up for combat. These trainings are tough as well as stringent where self-discipline and skills are honed for tactical advantages. Moreover on this one, mock-up missions such as capture the flag are made where it puts skills to the test. Marksmanship, endurance tests, and other tough ones are applied as well. Now back to civilian life. After enduring lots of bombarded requirements, a student is worthy to get graduated. Moreover, the Cum Laude, The Summa Cum Laude and Magna Cum Laude get awards. They are also worthy for eligibility though. But these are not yet over. There are more things to be done before taking up a role as a good abiding citizen playing a role for this nation. Some will take eligibility exams like the aspiring civil servants who pray that a stable job will come that a sense of government service and benefits are realized. Some will take board exams that are suited to their courses. Each of those with their honed difficulties that pushes one’s mind to the test whether theories can be applied in scenarios as well as having accurate calculations on the given problem specified n the examinations. Others will take a chance for a rest before taking any action. After all of these things, there are people who pass and fail. Varying these, career’s life depends on the situation. Some will immediately gets accepted to several companies, particularly those examinees who have the topnotch mark. Several will get assessed again through job interviews, paid on-the-job trainings, or get contractual job before even becoming a regular employee. And some will get things start again like studying for another course, or for master’s degree, or retaking exams hoping for the best in the glory of God for humble service. These efforts, regardless of its toughness, are the sweat of those who pursue a career life where taking up a role for the society is essential for the growth of a nation where all benefits. Moreover, having a decent life with productive time doing meaningful things are as well beneficial for the many to take.

Hopes and dreams of all of those taking up a responsibility are on its way. Albeit the difficulties and the gravity of these nature of having such nature of work, it will be fine as long as somebody will benefit from it aside from the self. In this case, the ones who really love their job will have things done that gives great emphasis on efficiency. Dedication is also needed for these workers of society where they are the workhorse of a developing nation. Soldiers in the field, policemen on patrol, doctors and nurses curing the injured and the sick, firemen fighting for burnt properties and lives, accountants and financiers regulating cash flows, factory workers producing basic necessities and others are working on their own skills that pushing the country to its economic triumph. It’s not always the people in power that have the role; it’s the little people who are contributing a lot. And this is their story.

Playing the role wholeheartedly means success.
Given the good attitude and straight career plans, contributions for development are staggering where each ordinary citizen, doing simple necessary things if multiplied makes an incredible impact for the whole nation. And these means creating goodwill, establishing trust and is united. Taking up the responsibility and role as the person who is an employee or employer as well as a law-abiding citizen is beneficial for a prosperous nation there is. And with proper services rendered, basic necessities suggested, sales improved and the economy growing, it is ascertain that each and every citizen is contributing to the so-called signs of progress that the country is partaking. Overall, each and every individual shall have a role that gives a productive output in the sense that it not only benefits the country, but as well as the community, the family, and the self where at the end of the day, everybody is satisfied for a job well done.


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