Thursday, November 10, 2016

Corrupt Files, Reformat and Backup Data

As of this posting, one of the devices we used suffer a massive blow to its memory card where the data suddenly went wiped out. Hence, the lesson and the burden is there. So much to these, good thing that backups are made. Here are the tips.


Nowadays, data is being preserved on devices which it will be used on for something relevant, important as well as memorable events that needs to be stored. The digital age offers something that is easier to archive files where it can be reminisced as to the memories are to be virtual in the sense that it can come handy. However, in several cases, disappointments do arise when a data is being corrupted to the point that a memory stick needs to be reformatted. Not to mention that several crucial files are also in need to be in place as well. Having it lost can cause disruptions in service as well as severe headaches to those who need them. The question there is, how will these files be preserved as well as how many data outlets be needed to store necessary information needed for an insurmountable time period? The answer is that there are many ways to have them preserved in a form of several backups. It will be done in several ways as we will give to you the ways to preserve data from destruction

Hard Disk in Action
These are the ways for us to protect, preserve, and archive the data in the sense that it will be useful on long terms.

Physical Drives
First in the way to preserve data is through physical drives like other computers or on USB drives. These things are ideal where it will come in handy so as when it will be needed as well as it is already hands-on. It is more suitable to have external hard disks, universal serial bus (USB) drive and other devices there are that can be stored with valuable data. Not to mention that such vital information needs to be preserved in a way that it will never be compromised by any means so as to preserve confidentiality and privacy. These are the problems for lost USB drives where other people tend to discover it and the files within are either being posted in the internet or something that is not ideal that in the sense where privacy is completely compromised. Not to mention that vital information such as several details about a certain business or organization may be used against them just by having a stolen drive. Hence, it is also at best being secured in all degrees aside from having it backed up so that everything will be fine in the event where a certain card or drive is gone corrupted.

The Cloud
A data center.
The cloud is also a good way for the data to be stored. These are done by uploading data in the internet where the providers can be considered as the reliable ones when it comes on protecting data from corruption or destruction. When it comes to security meanwhile, terms and conditions are applied where information at the judgement of these cloud providers can be disclosed somewhere else varying the conditions given by their sets of rules. Speaking of which, a specific data can be stored on multiple cloud storages wherein the guarantee for it to be preserved is deemed high, provided that the servers are still doing its functions and are at good condition as well as the providers are still doing its operations. The point is that the data, like those in the physical drives, shall be preserved for long terms of time.

Iphone 5c.
Other gadgets can also be serve as a backup drives wherein one file can be preserved from one gadget over the other. This happens when a sync takes place or it is at the owner's disposal to have such data evenly distributed among the gadgets he or she owns. In such a case, it increases the span of the preservation life of a file or data just like in the cloud storage or in physical drives. Just like physical drives and cloud storage, gadgets or devices are not safe from any snatchers who wanted to stole a gadget and the files along with it where the security as well as privacy is compromised. Not also to mention that having such devices in use, specifying wear and tear can signify corrupt data that cannot be read in like the ones this blogger experience with his SD card on the mobile phone where necessary data is indeed, wiped out. Hence, it will be careful enough for gadgets, as well as USB drives and cloud storage to be use so that there will be no abuse that will hamper data preservation as well as the performance of the gadgets themselves.


Having a corrupt file is not good, and it is a worse thing to see that an SD card needs to be reformat due to a specific error. The same applies to memory sticks where several sensitive data can be wiped out or get compromised as well. These in which can be preserved through the ways given where the data can be used somewhere in the near future for the sake of archiving. Overall, it is indeed a good thing to keep things backing up as well as improving infrastructure on tech matters as well so that memories, file data and the like can be used for replenishing memories of the past.

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