Saturday, October 1, 2016

Wild Descriptions over “Pres. Duterte’s first 100 days” Poll

The first 100 days are to be surpassed and determined. And for every new administration, the first hundred days are a test for the performance of the leader who leads the nation that will determine the glimpse as to the fate of the whole country’s direction within six years.


The Philippines have a new president in which he will definitely give the “change” its citizens are waiting for. And that is, a better, safer nation with lesser criminality, corruption, and the very most important to this administration’s agenda, drugs.

Speaking of these things, like other administrations of the past, there are always ups and downs for every administration there is to take. In this case though, the “change” that have brought is very drastic that even the international community gives attention wherein there are grudges, twists, and even defenses where the positive and negative sides fight for the actions in what they perceive as right or wrong. And with these fights, it seems that such grudges and support have taken to a whole new level where one can be branded as a fanatic, a retarded, an addict, and some other things that pushes the rhetoric to a point that it is gone mainstream all across the social media. No doubt, the president also does that kind of rhetoric where the international community puts the country in bad light. Well, he befriended China and Russia as well where it can be seem for some as treasonous being the whole South China Sea area disputes are not being settled out amid the plans of doing it bilaterally where it seems that the tribunal decision made by a UN body, an organization Pres. Duterte criticizes alongside US and EU, rendered partly useless. Despite his rhetoric, the actions he made can be considered laudable in the sense that Davao City, where he was once a mayor, does benefit a lot and his constituents proud of him. And that he will share for the rest of the country.

All of these things are taken in a photographic poll made by CNN Philippines in which it was shared by our page where we will determine the reactions. Accordingly, the reactions are deemed mixed where the ranges are widely predetermined.

From CNN Philippines.
Not surprisingly, the reactions are indeed, mixed. Given the question “Describe the President’s 100 days with one word”, the words given are ranging from good to bad, decent to nasty, laudable to disaster, and so on. 
Commenters from the CNN PH page. [Link here]
Speaking of this, the commentary section of such post is in fact colorful in itself. There are mixed arguments, fallacies, explanations, spamming, copy-paste posting, trolling and so much more. Despite the description being given with only “one” word, there are some who will give a whole sentence, a whole paragraph or even a whole essay for such a thing.
From the Defense-RP. [Link here]
Moreover, these opinionated ideas in itself are either filled with logic, or with emotion, or mockery, and even some references leading to credible sites or some, blog sites where such mind is indulged with information where it can satisfy with what they belief. In such a case, there are accusations that the media is bias, or constructive criticisms often encountered with Ad Hominems which in turn arguing back to Red Herring and so on. With these things, there are also people giving the point where killing people involved in illegal drugs are laudable and necessary to have a safer community, where in turn will be criticized that such actions are an act against humanity. Such reactions and descriptions are indeed wild wherein people are getting crazy in such a politically-related topic that it is subject to more division rather than unity. These in which gives an ever-complaining thing for such groups of people like the fanatics that such outlet are being bias. 
From the Pitzviews Blogsite comments section. [Link here]
And such a way for a definition makes it colorful. Considering the fact that the then-mayor turned president brings change to the country really makes the political arena much interesting than ever before. Drug lords being testified, the opposition retaining its foothold, ethics and parliamentary violations, exchange of foul words, and some others are some of the example there is. Not to mention as well the several speeches the president made where it badly needs interpretation for the sake of proper communication and message dissemination.

In such a case, it gives the impression upon the variables in which the people satisfy according to what they perceive as what is best or rather, what is deemed worse. As per saying, on internal-affairs matters President Duterte have the commendation in achieving his goals of pursuing people for the better Philippines. However, the downside is the relations of other countries where it can perceived by many as abandoning its old Ally America for China in which it still has the hold of some of the disputed territories. What remains is the test for the whole six-year term to work out for the nation.


The main point is that people have their opinions and that is the vibrantness of democracy. The only downside is that there are senseless arguments that is, notwithstandingly speaking, part of social media life. On the other side, this administration, just like any other, have its ups and downs. And what remains is the test whether this administration can surpass all of the obstacle there is to achieve its goals or will they subject to humiliation wherein it has already been started since the human rights issue sprout out? The point is, it all goes to the government's decision where it gets a credit when got an achievement, and criticisms where it gets a failure. And that's a way democracy performs.


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