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Events, Ethics and Etiquette

Events, ethics and etiquettes. These are the three "E"s that defines personality during an event. One may be gluttonous or some freak out person that is indeed a huge humiliation to the part of the organizer or some other person related to the one who is involved in the mere innocent, pseudo-freak minded individual who wanted to express his or her thoughts.


Having a slumber party? Attending other people's events where formality is expected and the self just cannot help but to freak out? These are the problems that most probably being ended up of giving nasty insights and bad feedback which is a bad impression when apprehended and/or reprimanded. These are the specific number of areas where, ethical actions and etiquette are needed to apply.

It's all about being ethically correct.
Let us tackle the problem in its very nature. A person, let's say was invited into an event, a very-important event like a birthday, a wedding or some anniversary. Then during the event, such person when socialize with other persons are either over-hyped where such a thing seems to go that they are already close to each other where in fact they are only acquaintances. And with that involves words, nasty words that should not be done by a person only acquainted so to speak. 

Let's add some spice to the problem: This the same person who attended a significant event also eats some food laid on the table. There's no problem into that. However, the quantity is what makes others notice what this individual is up to --is he that hungry that he didn't eat something before he left home? To made matters worse, he even intermittently gather some desserts like some cake and ice cream where it is not allowed for a visitor to do so.....not to mention that such acts make him some sort of a food monster, humorously eating these food like there's no forever.

And, some more spices: During the event, there is some socialization going on. Say, a beer conversation between drunkards and enthusiast alike. Now, here's the problem - being drunk makes the people "don't care" as to what the environment throws him into with regards to many things, ethics and etiquette in particular. To worsening things further, the tone of the voice makes the over-aggravated situation much humiliating in the sense that neighbors could have take notice of it. Nasty to suffice, but such thing may be considered as one of the most embarrassing moments there is that once getting reminded of is like a person having a PTSD -- which is a bad thing as we define it.

Socialization such as these are a bad impression for a person which is detrimental for only one thing. Just, one thing. That is -- having lesser-than-thou friends. Yeah, how come would an individual with such nasty attitude of shouting and unethical acts even gathering friends of some type where some well-mannered people wouldn't mind him except the impression of being bad or something insofar related? Or, how come would an individual prove the others that they are all wrong - dead wrong in their own assumptions where some self-assessment needs to be improved wherein these will give sympathy to this very individual for the mistakes he made for one day such attribution will only be a thing of the past? These in which needs to be fixed and change is badly needed now this person is looking for a girlfriend of sorts.

As coming across, events, ethics and etiquette will be discussed as to how will it be apply during events where in the sense of integrating it in the persona of the individual, it will be fully integrated in the sense that ethics and personality are one. Such a thing that is ideal for a person, good at heart, filled with faith and thinks with optimism that the obstacles will be surpassed, standards will be raised further and most of all, passing an eligibility exam and enter the job where moral values, ethics and maturity really matters.

Discussion is on the table.
So, how to fix the problem in connection with events, ethics and etiquettes? To answer this question, the basis of these answers will be given upon the insight and experience of the writer of this article. The mere fact that the answers given bears both commentary and factual in nature. Hence, it will mean the similarities and differences will be there of course at the expense of the readers in this article. So, for insights, just leave the comment below after reading the article. Thank you.

So, let's get started on the step-by step process.

1. Invitation - A Matter of Yes or No: In this case, one is invited over a party or any event there is that signifying on one's life. An assessment shall be made as to the nature, the celebrant, the significance and the importance as per priorities are concerned. If it is just somebody's birthday whose relationship aren't so close to you and there are better events other than that, just say no and give out the reasons. Now, if it is significant like, your best friend's wedding, no doubt, find a reason to have a day off on one's work and attend it. It's only one in a lifetime, you know.

Now, if there are multiple celebrations given with invitations as per given time, if say yes, just go. If cannot, cite a reason. If there is a conflict like, two celebrations at the same time, assess as per nature and given the judgement, choose one or not at all. Again with that, cite a reason which is believable so to speak. Learn to say no sometime, especially if hectic is going on. But also, have time attending important events. It will be doubtful if one doesn't attend such events.

2. Preparation: A preparation shall be made fitted to an event or party. If it is formal, then go formal. If simplistic, just go simplistic. The same applies in the flow of the events or, if this person is gonna say speeches or talents. Preparation is deemed necessary to keep things going, folks. A mistake cannot be afforded on this one. Ethics and etiquettes are to be self-briefed and predetermined so as it will be fully and strictly observed throughout the process given.

Despite the urge, formalities and observations of actions are deemed necessary. Yes, it is deemed necessary wherein an impression will be made out before the public in some sort of a rapport or persona projection in the public. A projection so strong that a good feedback will be made. Honestly speaking, these things are done by public speakers where charisma is needed. But let us not go unto that, just focus on observing calculated actions, somewhat doing the same rapport like the speakers.....just without words being uttered out.

3. Observance: Being observant in the events are essential for ethics and etiquette to be applied. For instance though, being behave is a necessity for a kid to do. Likewise, an adult is expected to do so but on the higher level there is possible. Hence, the projection of maturity is there that the higher level of thoughts are being carried out as for the process and calculation of actions be made so as the impression will be fine, just be fine. 

Moreover, the observance are given on the circumstances wherein different situations taking place within the event are to be highlighted and the nature of formalities and technicalities given are to be applied in this matter, for these parts are deemed the highlights of application of the given school practices on getting socialize with other people and hence, forming a bond that is without any humiliation.

a. On foods and drinks

Foods and drinks are the centerpiece of any event, where people are forming up and have time chewing and eating fresh delicacies and some other fine cuisines. More unto that, etiquette is applied here in the form of so-called "table manners" where food is to be chew, talk when the mouth is empty, the plate contents are just enough and the proper procedure as to turning back and eat more in the way that it is more ethical than putting lots of food on one plate, which is humiliating.

b. On socializing with people

Socializing with people is a big plus in each event. Really a very good avenue on having new, cherished friends for the times go by. With regards to ethical measures, it is good enough that basic details are discussed and similarities are ought to be found before going into other details. Once getting along, just have complements and proper exchange of proper information in the sense that stories are only contain in the discussions with regards to two persons. Hence, more freaking and some overwhelming madness will be done at other avenues other than the event itself so that formalities are to be preserved especially if one is just a visitor.

And, the most important

c. In the event in general

Proper mannerism and answering questions maturely is the very most important things that needs to be consider in this proper forum. With regards to these things, each and every action goes naturally in the sense that the part of it is calculated where limits are to be laid out in time. Moreover, in connection to these matters, ethical matters are at best highlighted with the sense of implying a good intention in which in turn, a better assumption or impression is being made. If a mistake has made, it can be turned over with sheer enthusiasm. 

In the light of impressions, it is at good that counteracting bad ones with good or if possible, better ones are deemed necessary wherein the ideal or principle behind is to prove these people that their assumptions are dead wrong. Rather than reinforcing their assumptions, it is at best to debunk it in the sense that deep regret is on the person which he or she made false assumptions. And in celebrations or important events, it is at best to debunk it with sheer gentle fashion where it may shook their heads up, so to speak.

4. Feedback

After the events, a feedback will be made out. The better the feedback is, the more it will be convincingly appreciated while the opposite means changes will be made. And speaking of changes, it should have come in the way that good lessons will be caught up where the mistakes will be lessen the next time another important event sets in. Less humiliation, more fun. Less embarrassing, more excitement,

These in which it will be serving as the guide for the person who made ridiculous things regret to do the same things ever again. Lessons learned they say, and others imply: "charge it to experience". Hence, it will make the individual more aware as well as more mature as the time goes by. It is a not-so-good process as one might say, but it will pay off in the end, so as to suffice.

5. Assessment

Once the weak areas or so-called area of improvements are to be discovered and checked based on impressions, that is the time that change are to be made where it shall be for the better without hampering the natural persona of the person. Somewhat the manners are to be improved in the way that it benefits everybody with the affected individual benefiting from it the most. It will be the best thing to as the days are becoming better.

Make a change!
These three "E"s are essential to see one's personality where another person sees it in the eye. No doubt unto that. More importantly, first impressions are the most important thing to see in any occasion there is, just like those people applying for a job or some other important things where it involves transacting with each point persons. By the mere summary in the writeup of this article, it is suffice to say that in each and every event and on any cases therefore arises, ethics, etiquette, as well as moral values are the most important variables that makes an ideal personality of the person where optimism, sincerity, humility, determination and excellence are the very point of a very-principled person, a person idolized by many and cherished by the few. #3E #RTGplan2016 hnt [CH-DVO]


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