Monday, September 26, 2016

The Paradigm Shift

The shift is leaning from one, traditional thing over the other, and it seems that the tides are changing to the Eastern Side and vice versa.

From the right, to the left, and vice versa.
"Change is constantly coming". It is the thing that gives hope to each and every human person who wanted to do something better by getting out of their traditional comfort zones and hence, taking all things up to the next level. However, it isn't always the case as far as the actual results are concerned. We've seen radicalization, the liberalization as well as the reversion back to conservationism. It seems that anything traditional keeps on changing all along except the doctrines in which a religion often have.

In such a case, it is not surprising to see an ignorant, illiterate man who is successfully do things right, being wise on decisions one partake and knows the flow of life as well as seeing an intelligent person, fluently knows everything, yet blinded by sheer fanaticism in which it is dangerous to see.

In this matter, it seems like the world today is molded into somewhat incomprehensible kind of logic wherein the majority adheres, somewhat laudable on the things they wanted to hear or to think, as if the bias is in their minds.

The Kuhn Cycle.
The Kuhn Cycle pertains to the scientific explanation regarding paradigm shift in the sense that an anomaly arises and eventually change the way science is done based on perpetual theories and never-ending scientific method of experimentation. In our case though, let us apply this cycle in the societal norms and geopolitical flow of interest in present tense.

Thomas Kuhn, a renowned American physicist, historian and science philosopher is the one who coin the word "Paradigm Shift" which it becomes an idiom. So to speak, the Kuhn Cycle perfectly explains about the things that goes around in this world ranging from toppling monarchies in Europe to installing self-inspired dictators who is admired by the people especially on one, particular advocacy depending to what kind it is usually covered.

First, there is normal science. In lay man's term, the well-known traditional status quo where the things are indeed in their present order. This is where the things are indeed go as usual, businesses are operating in normal days, people doing their lives they are presently focusing on, and etc. These are traditional in the sense that nothing seems unusual considering that everything is in their respective place doing their "usual" things that for some people seems it as like it is boring and there is no change taking place. Hence, the urgency of the model drift. For instance, in a normal society, everybody does their jobs in the sense that they are done in a proper way. However, there are people who wanted to place a mark in the history as a game changer or an inspiration to make their respective countries great again. And it all goes to the next step.

The next step is the model drift. Somebody is either complaining or bored or idealistic that they wanted to introduce change in the environment. These people will give their idealistic point of view of the world, and slowly, people will definitely stick to the idea. And when the time comes that many people sees either the opportunity of doing things right or wrong, of course they will do it in the name of self-gain. Sure enough, the order is slowly starting to fall apart where several people will object an to do their best to stay at the status quo. Some meanwhile, seize the opportunity to exploit the present normal system without noticing that having things for the self will do more harm in the present order. Hence, the model crisis arises. This is where somebody who have this charismatic voice will stand up and address the problems in the society in which they see as something that badly needs to be fixed. Not to mention that the people whose object to the gradual change have their various reasons regarding the opposition. It is ranging from political to logical interest, the benefits, the causes and effects, the implications, and the idealistic clash between two opposing sides that puts on the start of the so-called Rubicon of the whole order.

Then it is followed by the model crisis. By just saying "crisis" one will definitely think that the whole community or the whole nation is badly needing help or something that is out of order that there is indeed a crisis among the social groups. Example being the workers deprived of their jobs or salary which lead to labor groups or in some cases, communism. Another is that the drug crisis calls for a leader who will flush out the primary sources that made the society stoned.

Source: 28 days later Wikia
Side note:
That in which it leads me to this part of the zombie-related movie "28 days later" where Hanna was taken up some drugs to get "stoned."

Speaking of model crisis, it is always applied that something must be fixed in order to achieve their goals without any considerations. It was like focusing on security and ignoring economics and education altogether just like North Korea or focusing on eliminating oligarchs without considering starvation issues like Venezuela. And all of these things have gone to another part of the paradigm shift cycle: model revolution.

The model revolution focuses on the drastic change that is seem historical, significant, and relevant to the cause, as what most people usually say. It was like Battleship Potemkin all over again, the communists spoke out, saying that the Bolsheviks throw the monarchist Russia led by Czar Nicholas out of power. Several decades later, the communist party of the Soviet Union have the taste of their own medicine. As the result of glasnost and perestroika policies of the Reformist Mikhail Gorbachev, who is the traitor in the eyes of the Russians, have the country broke up into independent states with Russian Federation as the largest with another traitor Boris Yeltsin rise to power. It was until Vladimir Putin rise to power, make Russia a global player, and wanted to regain old territories the old Soviet Republic lost. And that is indeed a model revolution in play. To be more specific, the Philippine 1986 People Power Revolution is indeed a model revolution that gives a paradigm shift from being militarist into a vibrant democracy in which some will not agree particularly those people who see the militarist times as the best thing ever. In this case, the model revolution will set in for a great paradigm shift that determines the direction of the society into something that suits their needs and wants as the result of mind-bubbling and brainstorming of ideas since from the normal times prior to the revolution.

The final part of the cycle is the paradigm shift. This part is the point that the tides are changing. Purging the opposition, setting a policy, abandoning old allies to the new ones, you name them. That really is the paradigm shift. It is where the people who benefited from the aid of the old allies at the times of need will definitely turn their blind eye so that they can support the new regime. Likewise, the open-minded people will still be opposing until a new cycle begins. The point is, this cycle is indeed endless. And it is proven in history that there will always be a paradigm shift.


The point is that the shift can make or break a person, a community or a nation in particular. Having reforms means seeing implications, both good or bad. Abandoning old allies to a new one can either be seen as good or bad. If those new allies wanted to exploit more than doing an aid, then that is a bad move. One can say: "What's wrong for having new friends?" Nothing is wrong for that, provided that cherishing the old ones are also a necessary thing to do. Let us end this article with a quote: "There is no permanent friends nor enemies. Just primary interest."


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