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The August Reflections

This is a three-chapter short story of a person who enters a job and expected an excellent workplace when it turned into unexpected overhaul in the system in which it presumes the person incompetent where in fact it is not the real case.

It all started from an opportunity. This man, let’s name him as Fritz Robertson who is an accounting graduate. He is looking for a job. After the disgraceful failure of passing an eligibility exam, Fritz is looking for a job while in the meantime; gathering requirements for the retake of such eligibility exam for it is a dream for him to get employed in a government institution.

It was July back then, and Fritz was looking for a job through an online job offering website. It was then he discovered a job that will eventually accept him in an adequate amount of time. He passed his application papers. He was not expecting a reply back there then since other institutions also didn’t reply since the online job offering is not that effective so to speak.

Several days later, there was a text, and an email, from one of the companies Fritz applied. It is pharmaceutical distributing company where its purpose is to sell medicines to the end user. Fritz then approach the place where the office of the company is situated a day after the messages are received in correlation with the exam requirements. Reaching the office, the human resource department approached him and gives queue to the finance officer.

Since Fritz is of accounting background, and he knows debit, credit, chart of accounts, journal entries, ledgers, financial statements and so on, he then introduced himself to the finance officer whose name is Beth. She is a certified public accountant who worked from the banking institution prior to her entry to the company. She interviewed Mr. Robertson, and talked on the details as to handle pressure and workspace.

Fritz, based on his past experienced in the interviews, is not expecting for him to get hired that easily. The same applies for the rest. Being unemployed are not enough to suffice the needs. Days have passed, and the same company again called Fritz to take the exam. And so, he returned to the office and took the exam together with two other females in which he considered as “the hopeful like himself.” It contains basic accounting procedures so to speak.

The exam matters per prior experience deals with the skills obtained plus the expectations they have for the company, the job, the colleagues and the self. Fritz simply wrote it at ease and thinking that whatever it is so shall be. The exam was formulated by Beth in which, she will use it as a measurement of scholastic intelligence Fritz and two other girls have possess. That in which, will determine who is the best among the rest.

There are three stages about the whole process: first interview, exam and the second interview. The third stage Mr. Robertson undertook is the second interview which involves the owner of the company and of course, himself. The interview process at that moment is like simple random talking with a little sense of interviewing essentials. Point there is that there is a show of sincerity of taking a job. And it’s certain that Mr. Fritz Robertson will have it.

Talking with the family at the dinner table, Fritz said that there is a bigger chance that the job will be taken and hence, it will alleviate somehow the financial crisis his family undertakes. Fritz’s family, before his mom died six years ago, is a financially stable one where the needs are easily mitigated in the sense that dreams are meant to be supported. Since the loss of Fritz’s mom, everything went spiraling down, together with financial status.

The standing at that time is enough to suffice the expenses and the everyday operations there is at home. Weeping over financial worries, Herr Conrad Robertson, Fritz’s dad, thinks of something that will support enough until Fritz will have a stable job in order to have his sister get some schooling. And that is the priority before he will get his course on law. That in which many will consider as a long-term strategic planning, honestly saying.


The time has come for him to do his part. The company called Fritz about the work details. The human resource department lead by Joan talked about the terms. That includes the salary prior to the change. That also includes the turn-over of duties and responsibility from somebody that will get out from the company. And that also includes the office time and some other necessary details there is for guidance.

It is a Saturday on an August 5. It is the first day for a job where there are no briefings, no proper quorums, and no proper introductions. For Fritz, it seemed to be uncomfortable in the sense that training alone is really not that proper for him. The basics are to be rolled out. Telephone calls, cash outs and reconciliations, all in child’s play. One expects for an innovative mind to roll out. But for Fritz, it will be shameful for a start.

The first week is all about training regarding to the procedures or say, the nature of work. However, such procedures are tainted with improper step-by-step processes in which Fritz thought is half-cooked or haphazard in his grammatical variances. That in which have lead to misunderstanding, creating mistakes out of nervousness and most of all, mistakenly doing forced-balancing in which in terminology of the stipulated IFRS standards, is a big nyet.

That tiny mistake shattered the integrity of Fritz due to simple nervousness and tutorial failures. That gave disappointment to Beth who is sensitive on thy standards given. And all are aware that the tutor is still there fixing the mistakes. That is deemed wrong to judgmentally brand the person as such, as per social ethics. But the discussion there is all about work ethics. Expectation is high; reality is incompetent all due to adjustments.

That drags on and on until the end, in which it will get told along the way. Fritz’s tutor will only be there until Friday and supposedly be out by Wednesday. All basics are given. Of course, it is easy. And it’s hectic since it is constant upon time period. That in which, gives the downside. It was expected by Fritz that the job will be limited in the spectrum of the description. But informalities on changes without prior notice suffered hi performance.

It all goes to the second week of work where simplistic procedures on the basics being enhanced and getting fast. But the sense of urgency is only made aware by Fritz himself and his supervisor in the department he is assigned. But that gives no satisfaction to Beth whose trust to Fritz is… Well, sad to say, it is low. All because to one, tiny mistake that can still be fixed. By mere understanding, they branded the person as fraudulent. They are wrong.

The procedures are still on-going, without being aware on which part of the system is required to have a reset button. Honestly speaking, Beth also firing prejudice of “just work” policy in the government where Fritz disagrees. So to speak, it is agreeable to some sociologist (one can find it across this blog site) that accountants are an amoral person. No emotions they say. And there is half truth to such statements, honestly speaking.

It is gone to the third week. On a Saturday prior to this week, two of Fritz’s colleagues within their department which is situated in a little room will be out this week. And that means leaving Fritz alone in that office without guidance. Well, that is expected to a person who gets trained on the first week, but that is not enough. Beth is not satisfied. Upon the call of the HR, it is then confirmed that he will be out at the end of the month.

That gave mixed emotions to Fritz, thinking the implications of such to a family who badly needs financial support at the same time relieved to pursue his dream to get his eligibility for entering the government. He is thinking of the September, October and November plans. There is a lot of vacuum to get filled so to speak, in his way of thinking. Looking for another job can also help, at least for a given six-month period.

Fritz is out on the 31st, and there is one thing that needs to get carry on for sure. The experience will be brought out, realized, challenged, and most of all, a dare. It is all about daring Beth that her way of judging Fritz is wrong. And it is on him, Mr. Fritz Robertson to prove on him the worth of more sacrifices to get the value of the efforts he made. There will be the right time that dreams will be achieved, and for sure Beth is wrong.

One needs work.
After the realizations, Fritz still does his mandate and just continues the job until the end on the 31st. And that he thinks that the confidence in handling things under pressure is enhanced, he thought. That gives him the better measurement of himself regarding his strengths and weaknesses. And with that gives him the better assessment as to what the next strategy may there be. It’s all about strategic planning he said.

The lessons acquired from Beth are to be carried by Fritz. And they are the following: “I do believe that the essentials of being a good employee is all about applying the standards and you must keep it up or take it to a whole new level. There must be no unethical acts like force-balancing the books. You even know the circumstances there is. Work like there’s no end. Drive it with passion and determination for a better life.”

“One must know that internal controls are there so that there will be no fraudulent acts to be made. It is all about accountability. Dare to check until the very tiny detail. Don’t be afraid to ask the person if there is doubt. Note the errors, and check those files necessary for reconciliation. There must be an idea where every document is meant to be scrutinized for fraud. And it will be signed if everything goes fine.”

“Principles are deemed to be upright. Take notes if necessary. Be scrupulous and be urgent in all times. Work within the given time frame. Finish it early. Have the work compressed in the smaller time period. Learn efficiency and effectiveness. Learn as well sincerity and proper judgment. Do not be afraid to take the risk on making failures. Take it as an experience and stand up.

Hence, the ideal Beth gives is indeed a challenge at the same time a sign of hope, in the sense that there is underlying “blessing in disguise” for that matter. That in which is a testament for the betterment of putting standards in one’s life in which it makes living much meaningful in the sense that it is promising where one is motivated to get it realized in sue time so to speak. Plans for getting an eligibility is an all-go for Fritz


In life, one cannot say that if an individual simply cannot cope up with the standards can be easily considered as a failure. Yes, technically speaking, it is a failure. But hence, take also the other side of the picture. It is not necessarily a failure but instead an attempt to get in the clout which is the temporary purpose. It is not permanent so to speak for such attempts are for the interim. There is more things lie ahead. If one stumble down, keep on standing up and climb up for excellence.


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