Thursday, September 15, 2016

Reminder to the Filipino People on Genuine Patriotism

This is a special reminder wherein the Filipino people must be aware of in the sense that it will give a realization so as to the legitimate patriotism in the country.

Its all about genuine patriotism
Adoration and adulation come from emotional outbursts that at times prevail over common sense. Decisions that you might make subjectively which are based on emotions rather than on objective and tactful considerations of facts and truth, ARE very dangerous! 

Filipinos....beware of your emotions because often times they will lead you astray as you unwittingly develop a "tunnel  vision" that limits your foresight and understanding.

Love the Philippines wholeheartedly, but in electing and supporting leader who will govern your country, you MUST use your intellect and common sense in order to thoughtfully consider all the important issues relative to the actual events happening around you.

Remember what happened when you elected a movie star as your president years ago? Evidently, you used your emotions when you elected him. Lamentably, he spearheaded the demand for the departure of American forces from the Philippines. As a consequence, the Philippines was stripped naked of the military deterrence against Red China.

Funny and ironically, the Americans are back because the yellow skinned commies are practically on the doorsteps of the Philippines. In fact, they already stole territories that rightfully belong to the Philippines. In addition, Filipino fishermen are deprived of their livelihood by these slant-eyed bastards.

Filipinos will not openly admit that they asked help and pleaded for the Americans to return because the Philippines is unable to defend and protect herself from Red China.

You know why...Dahil kasi karamihan sa atin mga Pilipino na sa lahat ng bagay ay sobra ang yabang. Lalo na iyong mga nasa mataas na posisyon. At kailangan natin palitan ang kaugaliang ito (Because the majority among us Filipinos in all degrees are boastful, especially in the higher position. And it's time to change our attitudes about it.)  Their "pride", if any, is grossly misplaced.

On a personal basis, did you ever fall in love "head over heels" with whom you thought was a "true" love because that person appeared charming, popular, and a sweet talker?

Mind you, here in the USA the current president was elected based on his "smooth" verbose, jocular acumen, and the gullibility of younger Americans which he shrewdly capitalized on and exploited. Unfortunately, the president who they elected twice turned out to be a bluffer, cheat, incompetent, and a complete DUD!!!

Again, beware!  As the saying goes, “Beware of Greeks (geeks) bearing gifts”. Think of the welfare of the Philippines and your well-being.

God Bless the Philippines. I do hope that the younger generation of Filipinos will elect a true leader as their next president and commander-in- chief who is patriotic; will defend the territorial integrity of the Philippines; and will also look after the socioeconomic improvement of all Filipinos.

Finally, I encourage all intellectual Filipinos to discuss with the less educated common folks the issues at hand and the realities of life they are presently experiencing.  It is incumbent upon YOU to educate them.  Otherwise, as usual, they will become easy preys for deceit and exploitation by corrupt politicians.

May the Lord guide everyone of you to choose wisely in electing and supporting a true leader who will protect and guide the dignity and territorial integrity of the Philippines; and foremost will also care for the well-being of all Filipinos.

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  1. Very well said. The Filipino people deserve a President who can defend the air ,the sea, the land, the integrity of the sovereign country and will not allow anybody to bring into this country a communist ideology. It is beyond the ambit of any President to give away an inch of the properties of the PHILIPPINE REPUBLIC.


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