Saturday, September 17, 2016

Programs, Speeches and Epic Failures

Setbacks are an obstacle for the perfection and realization of what it is deemed expected. Hence, the first impression of things suddenly screwed up by either n individual or an organization. But all of that can be fixed accordingly.


"It is not all about formalities, but rather the imperfections are undermine by the overwhelming success of the mission in general."

The primary discussion covers the series of setbacks, failures, mistakes and shortcomings that is supposedly be an ideal thing for an event, situation or a mission. Let it be a military operation, a specialized covert operation, a birthday celebration, a graduation party, a debutant and so on, such mistakes do take place.


An example for such a problematic is for instance, a debut. And speaking of such event, one is told for a speech. Say, a toast or an invocation per se. Then it is his turn to do the honor, the words are either incompatible for what is supposedly another thing that needs to be talked. Like doing prayers on everything over dinner rather than supposedly a grace of foods, or doing a speech of what is supposedly a prayer, and so on.

In this case, one can do is to correct it at a certain time and just charge it for experience. Well, honestly speaking, it is not always good to do such a thing in repetitive steps or in crucial moments where a perfection must be made. It is just like an accountant doing accurate things in the nearest centavo and is applying the sense of fraud accounting where discrepancies are meant to be discovered so that internal control is effectively in effect in the sense that not every single person will do a fraudulent thing.

The same case can be apply on military operations. Always, the mission have its crucial parts that a soldier must be fulfilled so that it can be accomplished and thus, victory is indeed at hand. Hence, it will be resulted to commendations to the officers and the men where they will be hailed as heroes. That in case, will ensure the fulfillment of one's goal varying on the circumstances there is to apply.

In such a case, it is ideal that in every occasions that one must not make mistakes. If one has made such erroneous statements or words that is supposedly not there, it is a case of nervousness or unpreparedness which results on stuttering and uttering mistaken letters of sorts. Well, one can no longer corrected the mistake that is already made. But one can crack a joke, or do some correction where it will be made out there. So, yeah. It will be as nothing happened. Unless it hampered one's reputation, which again can be counter-argued that one is unprepared, or nervous, or simply not properly briefed to the situation.

The feelings on such mistake that is committed is in fact embarrassing at the same time, awkward. If a person, say an organizer or a celebrant, or a parent opens a topic about it, it will wreak havoc in one's mind that such embarrassing, epic fail moment shall not be discussed at all in the sense that it only demoralize the person who made the mistake where self-confidence will be faded out of the blue. Such the concern it is to a person which is insecure. Thus, it can be also serve as an experience which it serves as a guide for correcting mistakes in the sense that it can be documented somewhere else or just got it all thinking on one's mind.


The point is that mistakes is not that grave unless it is crucial that it endangers career, personality and reputation. And in that case, it lessens the credibility of the person. In this case, it is at best put into mind, somewhere at the core of the brain the essentials of such experiences that is deemed considered to be part of one's personality. That in case will emerge a better person out of the former one. It is with sincerity to do change, but one must ensure that it must be made for the better. 


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