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Enhanced Security Concerns and Solutions

In modern times, we live in a society where multiple threats arise in unexpected times in unexpected places. Furthermore, increased conflicts, heightened alert status, and declaring the state of emergency come to play in this matter.

Source: Sputnik News
Since from the beginning of civilization, security is already there where it serves several people. Cities being secured from attackers, empire boarders being protected by walls and guardians, strategic areas used by mercenaries as military bases, and so on.

Time after time, the spectrum of the environmental norms and the needs of the society changed the methods for security. Throughout the period, it is slowly becoming sophisticated as the civilization slowly gets sophisticated as well. Speaking of which, mean that a person's mind always finds a way to see a flaw in everything and thus, exploiting it for self-interest.

In the limelight of today's headlines ranging from inter-territorial disputes, internal-based conflicts, cyberspace security, strategic points of concerns, terrorism and so on, it is worthy do have this discussed since the dimensions is ranging in all degrees.


The dimensions regarding the complexities of security are varying in different degrees as well as the nature in which it deals with. That in which a particular security agency or a cybersecurity company, or even a national defense department deals in a sense of security where different forms of threat are meant to be dealt. Not also to mention that people from the energy sector, food, and health have also their own security measures to combat the threats there is in accordance to their given mandates. Hence, each sector aforementioned here are vital to the continuity of the civilized way of life so to speak.

There are different forms of criminality that takes place in today's form of environment, and the cases regarding about it are still counting. Murder, rape, robbery, homicide, hostage-taking and scamming are just some forms of criminality where a person, no matter how guaranteed the security there is on the streets.

Speaking of this, it is achievable as to how a city or a nation fully minimize or eliminate criminal cases that makes a person feel safer than ever as well as having a citizen that is law-abiding. A citizen's particular concern deals with his or her ideal way of life where he or she is free of worries as well having other privileges where every action there is comes in a way that it is legal as well as being ensured that all things will definitely go well. An assurance it is that one's dream will be fulfilled without evil forces hampering its way. With this, internal security agencies like guards and the police force have their mandate to ensure that law and order is in place, as well as keeping criminals of all types at bay. When Sis spiraling out of control, and anarchy is uncontrollable, then do expect a full state of emergency implemented in full effect. This in which arrests perpetrators on various explosions, shoot-to-kill people who fight back against the police, putting drug pushers and addicts to justice on methods which is deemed necessary according to needs and so on.

The point here is simple. Law and order must prevail in a civilized world where such rules apply in order to keep things on-going, business keep on blooming, and citizens have a safe living. These in which there is a sense of growth and excellence where it will never get into harm for many years to come.

Health Safety Concerns
Safety First before anything else.
Concerns such as this one deals with security of one's health free from diseases and other harmful elements that can either hamper the growth and fulfillment of one's life or to put life to an end.

Several health agencies together with respective clinics, hospitals, renowned medical centers, medical foundations and so on have the job to make lives of people better. This in which includes several control agencies who test on each product as per safety standards checking whether it is suitable for consumption/use or not so as to protect each and every family member from things that can bring harm. Professionals pertaining to this field have a job in order to improve health conditions as well as living conditions pertaining to it. There are doctors who give advises to patients as to what to do or not to do, to take or not to take, and so on and so fourth. The nurses are there to assist the doctor, and gives prime medical care which is meant to fulfill medical needs of a patient. Pharmacists are there to make medicine to combat diseases, if not vaccines that can combat viruses that can be formed in an epidemic condition. Regulating agencies in trade, infrastructure, transportation, and those who deal on food/drugs are there to put up standards where manufacturers needed to follow so as to produce a final product that will give no harm when in use.

With these, such parameters given and the roles each and every group or individual play in improving and ensuring health conditions are essential in a society whose lifeblood relies on people who work together to make this world a better place to live.

Energy and Electronics
No system is safe.
In today's world, it is an undeniable fact that a modern-day citizen rely on technology in which it gives real time information on the surroundings, interest, ideals, inspiration, and others. Furthermore, the most businesses, defense industries, energy sectors, and national economies rely on technology to have a perfect synchronization as well as proper categorization and calculation of things.

It is an indisputable fact that no system is deemed safe. An illusion of such shall be eliminated for the sake of knowledge of each and every people concerned. A simple Facebook account can be hacked as well as a bank account. Even reputable agencies can be hacked that is suited for the purposes of others that have an agenda of retribution whatsoever. These in which will make a person safe to say that one can be vulnerable from hijacking an account and gather privacy information so as to impersonate that person. That is a crime so to speak, but this is on another dimension, in between criminality and scamming. In energy sectors meanwhile, security over these things are essential so as these are the ones who give power to a city in which other factors like power supply, health services, police services, media, and other things rely on. Having these hijacked also can put a city into a standstill. That means more traffic jams, more health services problems, criminality intensifies, among other things. These things can be prevented by enhancing more security. These will minimize, if not cover, all loopholes and weaknesses there is in the system. In these things, there will be level of defense barriers where it simply cannot be infiltrated like for instance, firewalls and more encrypted data can give hackers additional headaches so as to the penetration level is difficult to achieve or in energy sector, it is situated on a secured location plus additional security measures are made. Guards on patrol, sensors and active, close-circuit cameras checked. With this, energy can somehow guarantee most, if not all, of the security with regards of energy in a given area.

Cyber-security and energy security is a necessity where the world relies most for it. Now in the edge of sophistication, it is undeniable that technologies of today and for many years to come will make lives comfortable so to speak. But with these things, it comes with responsibility as well as an assurance that these technologies will never get compromised, for the meantime.

Fraudulent in many ways. Source:
Fraudulent acts are to dupe OR to fool people into believing something will give better opportunities at better things. Turns out that what seems too good to be true isn't really so real after all. Hence, most of the money simply just burst out of the blue.

With the emergence of the technology, as well as the world getting sophistication, there will be people doing fraudulent things in order to gain something from the person who foolishly trusted somebody for the sake of so-called "dreams and betterment." And there are countless ways of those fraudulent acts in which it can scam a people in all degrees. Pyramid Schemes, Nigerian 419s, abused forms of hypnosis and putting a person under some influence of solvents are just some of those things that can evade personal security that can fully affect the self as well as the family. The primary solution for this problem to get prevented is to background check the person, company and other details as well as checking warning signs that the intentions are clearly categorized as "scam." Another thing is to report such cases to the proper authorities for them to solve it once and for all.

In this case, personal security will be more strict than ever that there is nothing being good than being safe. That in which a person can fulfill the dreams of the family in many ways where the process will never be tarnished by fraud.

National Defense
Defending the seas is just a portion.
Source: Phil. Defense Forces Forum
Defending the national sovereignty and welfare of a country or the republic is one of the essential duties of the government to do aside from combating criminality and rebellion so that the citizens will have a better privilege of life within the homeland.

Territorial incursions made by one country to another is indeed serious that it is detrimental to a full-scale conflict that would mean more casualties on both sides, unbearable losses on resources and on one degree, a losing nation will lose its sovereignty to another powerful nation that can dictate whatever it can to the occupants of the losing nation. That being said, war is not a cool game. And probably it never will unless one is ought to play chess or some computer games regarding such matter. Speaking of strong versus weak nations, a republic who badly needs a stronger defense force should start its own modernization program and will fast-track procuring weapons to have a minimum credible force that can serve as a deterrent against the larger force that can make an invading country think twice before doing so. Furthermore, strategic planning and tactical advantages and weakness shall be assessed so that everything will be put in order so as to have an ideal units deployed in several strategic areas detrimental to the confidentiality of such areas for the sake of enhanced security umbrella well laid across the country. This can ensure that the defending force can inflict more damage, if not fully repel, an invasion.

In national defense, a proper system comes into order. And that system is highly expected to run flawlessly, without a hitch. And with the plans comes implementation where proper execution have come into order. That in which can fulfill the mission of enhancing the security all in the sake of having a safe country with its citizens confidently live a life without worrying of taking out something from their career, their loved ones, their life.


Enhanced security concerns can be mitigated if properly implemented by proper authorities in the sense that most people get the benefits from it. Furthermore, the people among themselves also play the role of having the sense of awareness across the environment for the sake of being self-secured from crooks who can gather the higher ground to gain something by illegal means. These things in which gives the sense of having secured in the ideas that compliance is the key. And no doubt people will definitely give up some of the freedom for the sense of security being fulfilled.


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