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Ways of Promoting Patriotism

The love of country is essential and deemed an expectation for a citizen of a nation where from birth, allegiance to the flag, the laws and the welfare of the motherland is exhibited. Patriotism is a person's love for country, and there are ways to show it more.

Swearing allegiances. Source: Society of Honor
Wordpress site.
Patriotism, in its basic definition, pertains to a person, an individual who is highly attached to the nation where he or she was born, his or her definition of it refers as a person's homeland. Such attachment is a source of national pride is deemed seen in different references such as political, cultural, ethnic or historical aspects. It is exhibited through sports events, international competitions, historic events, or even in times of distress and suffering or in some cases, in the limelight of invasion or at war.

A person will definitely be part of a nation, with his citizenship as a proof of it. Like they said, a human being is indeed a political animal, a person who cares more to the welfare and sovereignty of a great republic and all of its inhabitants in the sense that the integrity of the nation is a lifeline or the source of each citizen's way of living. From cultural references, ethnicity, historical values and so on, patriotism is in the sense that it gives identity to the inhabitants as to what nationality they are. And in that shows the national emotion where a citizen is deemed proud of it.

There are many ways to promote patriotism, and in such cases it eventually comes out in ordinary way of living.


Here are some ways of promoting patriotism in the sense that it inspires the individual to love the country the same way as loving the family and the self.

Historical Movies, Books and Subject Matters
Heneral Luna Movie Poster.
The first primary procedure for inspiring patriotism among people, especially kids from the primary school is to have them learn some bit of history of the way a nation was born, who are the heroes, which leaders rule the country, and so on.

That also includes watching movies and documentaries pertaining to history. For instance, the movie poster shown about was all about General Antonio Luna who was the one of the Philippine heroes who stand up against the Americans in the Philippine-American war. History suggest that he led his army of the first Philippine Armed Forces against the better-equipped U.S. Military at that time. Despite the fact that he was killed by fellow men who hated him at that time and the Americans winning the war, his exemplary actions of showing valor and bravery earned him as one of the greatest heroes of the Philippines, all alongside Andres Bonifacio and Dr. Jose Rizal.

Another is to show them historical events that are significant to the nation and its identity like Ferdinand Magellan's discovery of the Philippine islands (as per European context) on March 16, 1521. Another is the Philippines living in the dark times under the Japanese period on the World War 2. Such history lessons though are essential for the youth to learn in the sense that the mistakes of the past will definitely never let happen again by the youth whose patriotism is molded in its foundations by showing historical facts.

The prime end result in this case may vary in the case as to how a student will take in this matter. Some may find it boring, and some find it interesting. Speaking of which, the necessity of having an effective sense of patriotism in this case rely on the instructors in the way they speak and interpret historical discussions so that the youth will get inspired with the historical values a nation have in the way where in some ways it can be preserved and will pass on to generations coming on.

Overall, historical movies and books in a sense that it give a spark into the minds and heats of the younger generation is the very foundation of instilling patriotism within each and every future citizens of the great motherland. As what a great hero Dr. Rizal have said "the youth is the hope of the fatherland."

Military, Territorial Defense and Camaraderie
An AW-109 chopper of the Philippine Navy is about to land
to a Del-Pilar class Frigate. Source: Naval Air Group, PN.
A nation with a strong armed forces is indeed a nice thing and as well the prime source of pride. Such in the fact that sophisticated weaponry that a nation obtains reflects how great a nation is alongside its booming economy.

Joining the armed forces, being a reservist or even being a member of the police force makes such person giving the much greater sense of patriotism where one is willing to die in order to serve the nation as well as defending it and its inhabitants against adversaries, both foreign and domestic. With that, a person feels that one's life and sacrifice is essential in order to have each and every citizen's lives in safety as well as having their daily activities resume without being bothered at all.

Another is acquiring more weapons for the military in the sense that it does not hamper economic standpoint, social services and some other factors. Allotment of funds is the key thing in such a matter. Doing a show of force in the event of patriotic holidays such as independence day shows the spirit on the love of country and its flag, as well as giving honors to the heroes who spilled the blood in order to attain the freedoms. Also with that, in the event of military standoffs against a foreign adversary, such armaments can deter a full-blown conflict since both sides see the point that a war is not feasible and there are incurring loses on both sides. 

Also, included in this matter is volunteerism in different civic organizations such as the Philippine Red Cross.In the events of disaster or even in humanitarian assistance, a citizen helping together in the sense that each and everybody stands up facing up amidst the calamities that are ravaging the nation is indeed a patriotic thing. Just have this photo for instance. Holding the flag even in a flood is somewhat heartwarming that the spirit of the love of country is strong.

Overall, being part of something big that plays the roll where it changes the whole nation's picture into betterment. Despite the bad things that makes each and every person disappointed, there is always hope that everything will be get better, in due time and in God's will.

Political Will and Sports Competitions/Contest

Politics, the right of suffrage and the freedom of speech can play the factor where a leader can persuade the nation to stand with their policies in which it can make or break the country. All of which give the reason as to why people have the rights to express their opinions in which they think the good of everybody. All of it is there as a model of democracy. Just, don't abuse it in the sense that it can disunite a nation.

Policies, laws, implementations, resolutions, projects and more that involves politics and charisma. Taxation is one way that determines patriotism in a sense that an individual involuntarily contributes to the development of a specific community or the whole country in general. Another is through security. Like it is mentioned above in this article, security against domestic and foreign adversaries make each and every citizens feel safe. And that they can do their activities freely without worries. That, in such a case, make them proud to be in a nation where a citizen lives comfortably.

PH representatives for Rio Olympics 2016.
Source: Rappler
Another is through sports competitions and other contests. Being a champion representing that nation is worth that celebrating in the way that the representatives are proud to do their best since they are carrying the name of their beloved nation. That in which makes sports fans across countries much more patriotic in the sense that in friendly battles such as these, competition and cheering among nations are head on as well as it is getting tight in the sense that in a stadium, there is a warm atmosphere of fun, joy and excitement. More unto that, each homes are also watching sports events or contest where a nation represents. A representative winning, everybody in the house shouts aloud and cheers up on joy.

All of it, if make a great combination, will surely have each and every citizen gone overflow for their love of the God Almighty and the country where it can be considered as a historical event where each and every person involved in such an event will definitely treasure the memories and will speak to it for the next generations to come.

Overall, in contests and in political achievements, patriotism can still be instilled in each and every citizen in the sense that being proud is indeed overflowing. That in particular is what makes the nation much united regardless of Religious affiliation, cultural differences, and language. And that in which, is what makes it a laudable term for patriotism.


The examples given here are some of the ways where patriotism can be exhibited and promoted. It is all about sincerity, inspiration and determination. It is just like what the ex-U.S. President John Kennedy said before the people: "Ask not what the country can do for you. Ask what you can do for your country." It is all about contributing our part to have a better country for us and for the next generations to live in. Being proud is one, while being proud for something better is another. The nation's development is our gift for the next generation, something that makes them proud as a citizen of a great country like the Republic of the Philippines as well as the rest of the nations of the world.


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