Sunday, August 14, 2016

Reflection of "How Did Leon Brought Home A Wife?"

This is a reflection where it can be written on reflection papers. Also, it can be used as a reaction paper as well. This is a story made by an English writer of Ilocano ancestry Mr. Manuel E. Arguilla.


           “‘Look, Noel, yonder is our star!’ Deep surprise and gladness were in her voice. Very low in the west, almost touching the ragged edge of the bank, was the star, the biggest and brightest in the sky.” from the story How did my Brother Leon Brought Home A Wife???
This story is Mr. Manuel Arguilla's Masterpiece.
            I find this story very difficult to find a right line or a phrase that may is conversational in form in regard to the main idea in the story. In this case, I was rushing to finish this reflection right on time due to the fact that there are so many reflection papers for me to finish. But then again, like the previous reflection papers, I read the story carefully, pick the right lines, and put them on in this paper. At the same time, thinking ideas out in this chosen line. And also, finishing this on time is crucial.

            I chose this line because it gives out the difference between the life in the city and the province. It also gives us an idea that the skies in the province is far more clearer than it is in the city, considering that Maria was fascinated to the star that she could not imagined. Furthermore, the air is far cleaner in the province than it was in huge metropolitan cities. It is written in a form of descriptive form of language with a little figurative in detail.It is appealing in a way that it shows appreciation in a nice viewpoint right across the skies, looking to the stars.

            It gives a lesson more on appreciation. We must appreciate on what are the blessings are with regards to things. Like what most teenagers want, I wanted my life to be so simple that even a most simple thing is the most significant one among us. Like in this line, Maria appreciates the skies above the province of Nagrebcan considering that she was from the City. Another is that Leon is so glad that he is not in the city; despite he misses the houses, the cars, and the people in the different perspective.

            Overall, the line simply gives the message of appreciation, considering they saw a brightest star from the horizon. Another thing is that it is the most beautiful thing that can see in the sky. Finally, being appreciated of what we have is enough for us to become happy of the lives we have today, even in the most simplest of circumstances.

Knowing the author, Mr. Manuel Arugilla and his work.


Version 1

Version 2
In summary, this deals more on appreciating other things that are there upon amazement such as Maria's appreciation of looking up in the stars in the sky in which it cannot be seen in the cities. This in which, will make a person smile and get happy for the rest of the day.


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