Sunday, August 21, 2016

Redefining Heroism and Heraldry

A nation is formed with its citizens sacrificed for to exist all in the name of self-determination and freedom. Hence, heroism works in all forms of degrees. Not just protecting people or dying for the country.

Heroism in action.
Tienanmen Square, 1989.
Heroism, in simplified context defines a courageous act made by a person in which he or she saves another person or thing in which it is vital to the family, relatives or others, as well as saving vital things that can revolutionize the context of things in which it eventually improve the situation of the lives within the family, the community, and the nation.

It also signifies courageous nation against a hegemonic enemy which it restricts people for freedom. As signified per patriotism in mainstream context, it is all about dying for the country. That in which only covers one spectrum of heroism considering that a person should not die for the country for him or for her to be considered as a hero. Well, in order to redefine the context of heroism and heraldry, there will be changing the whole idea of heroism in the sense that even in simplest things, a person can be a hero.

Being in the battlefield is not a joke.
Doing heroic acts require sacrifice and determination. This was done to the professionals who were ones students where requirements and academic quotas are really meant to be reached out. So to speak, it was meant to raise thy standards to a whole new level. That also includes philosophical analyses and other necessary matters.

Giving up something for the better one alone is indeed heroic for a person to do. Emotionally speaking, it is hard to let go on something it is there for some quite time. But if it is there and still inflicts more harm than good, then it is appropriate to do such. Sacrifice and determination to do what is the best of the mandate in order to prove other's prejudicial ideas wrong as well as doing inspirational thing in which it can be seen as heroic or heraldic in the sense that it is highly commendable by groups of people or by somebody which is ought to recognize it. Take the battlefield for instance. Being a soldier takes two perspectives, either as a hegemonic bunch of killing machines or as heroic liberators of oppression. Such things to be heraldic or being heroic does not require to be killed in action. Instead, showing humanistic traits in enough to be one.

Being humanitarian. One does not to die to
be a hero.
In this case, living in poverty and in suffering in order to have others feel comfortable is already a heroic act to do. Inasmuch as these ideas like this is concerned, all of the fruits out of the sacrifices were made will be realized and hence, it will return back to the person in even greater blessings. Good karma, a person would say it, and a blessing from God from another. The point is, such actions are heroic.


People who have made great contributions or doing something extraordinary for the benefit of the many deserves a commendation. That is after many sacrifices and suffering have been made, not to mention endless setbacks, criticisms and disappointments.

Worthy to be commended
Speaking of which, one should not expect to be commended after having too much suffering and duties have been made. The point being that a job shall be done, then that's it. Nothing more. Sincerity and love for the job is there. That is the point. Just give a share of knowledge and inspiration for the team. Make things better. Do a part. Make the best out of it. Help people without thinking of something in return. Something like that is deemed worthy to be commended. One deserves to bestow an award on heroism on the field of interest that a person shared a lot or in the actions a person did that instills inspiration or in some cases, patriotism among people. And that involves all degrees. Even simplistic ones. That in which gives us the realization that one is commended if the dedication to help others for humanity's sake is there.

The point is simple. If everything, against all odds is done well and is achieved accordingly where it involves tough decisions where it can mean life or dead, make or break or even success or failure then the results are ranging from impressive to inspiring, then it one needs commendation. One does not need repression or demoralize a person. Constructive criticism is good. Too much of it is problematic. One can be a hero in his own way. And the time to act and get inspired starts now.

Even a teacher can be a hero
The heroes that are trying to portray here does not involve Superman, Batman, Wonder woman or some comical characters where one is saved through those people with superhero powers that eliminates the adversary. The heroes in this matter are the people. Ordinary people doing ordinary things that what it seems as simplistic, it can be as heroic in the eyes of the beholder. A doctor doing an operation and saving a child is a hero. A priest doing charity work together with the volunteers in far-flung villages is a hero. A teacher teaching kids to be an ideal citizen is a hero. A soldier who fights for the country is also a hero.

Ordinary people in such a cases don't take credits nor bragging on things about it. It is all about doing their jobs well with sheer professionalism in the sense that they do love the job for the sake of helping the people around them while expecting nothing in return. In their actions, they can save children from illiteracy. They can save patients from suffering on diseases. They can save villagers from starvation and exploitation and so on. These things in which, the people who simply do their jobs, are a necessity for the nation's growth. Speaking of jobs, applying standards, principles, and other prerequisites are not enough to suffice the demand. It is all about sincerity, being sincere in doing things in the sense that loving the job is for the sake of sacrificing the self for the improvement of the lives of others in the sense that despite the reprimands, criticisms and misunderstandings, things are gone business as usual. With sincerity and the clear sense of what heroism and heraldry is, together with the skills attained will surely have the mandate attained its purpose.

The thing is that even in simplest things, it is still significant to several people wherein it can revolutionize the minds to be in the better. Thus, heroism in these sense can be in any ways possible and not in just one angle alone.


The whole message that this post portray is simple. Being a hero does not mean having great powers to save any human being from sheer destruction nor getting martyred and killed in action where the people can really say it is heroic. No. That is not always the case. The point is that being a hero or doing heraldic acts is somewhat involving ordinary people, like us, each and every one of us doing our everyday jobs for everyday activities. That in which is heroic. A father can be a hero for his child. The same for the mother. A leader can be a hero for his organization. The same for a teacher in the classroom or the volunteers in the far-flung areas. Firemen can be the heroes of those who caught in the fire or the police can be the heroes of those who are the victims of criminal acts. All of which comes with one thing: We can be heroes of our own worth. Be who we are and we can change the world one step a the time. And that the humanity will be restored, slowly but surely.


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