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Long-term Strategic Planning

In all degrees, in a person and in an organization, long-term strategic planning is laid-out for the sake of aligning the outcomes, priorities and necessary activities in preparation for the greater glory. Hence, it is for realigning to the needs for the interest of a person, organization, and the nation.

Doing the next move in a chessboard.
Strategic planning is in fact a managerial thing where such a subject matter usually getting introduced among business, management and accounting-related courses. In this matter, it is corporate in nature wherein it usually discussing the business standings as per its historical and present position wherein it is used by decision makers to definitely dictate the outcome of the company in the future. In this is which, the board and the management do love to exchange ideas one after the other whose thinking synchronizes in unison for this one ultimate goal: Being more profitable with greater market coverage plus gaining more reputation as the greatest company there is in a specific geographical area pertaining to their form of business.

More unto that, the nature of discussions on this article will not only covered on the corporate nature of the subject matter such as strategic planning. Instead, it will covered varying degrees of life there is, in ascending order in terms of hierarchy.

Six-step plan: Seven outcomes for the six month and six-year plans.
Personal interest is the basic thing for strategic planning. This kind of interest is pushing the very individual out of the box; thinking for the ideal thing to do and stand up to the principles in which it helps the person to push through to the very limits where sacrifices are meant to be made so that the greater gain can be indeed achieved.

In such a matter, there are many goals in life a person thinks that it serves him the best aligning it to the ideal life he believes. For instance, this man is indeed determine to have his goals done within six months, followed by a four years strategic planning then another two years set of planning and so on and so fourth.

Such plans pertain to one's health like getting fit by exercising for the sake of smaller tummies. Or, doing home care for the athlete's foot to get healed. Or even applying ideal ointments so that dermatitis will stop hurting the person from instant itching of the skin and inflammation. That in which lead for the person's ideal healthy life. No hassle.

In the workplace meanwhile, a man will definitely finds a way to get himself gaining more reputation in which it will give confidence to the self. More unto that, self-interest suggests that once the plan is achieved, experience gained and financial needs sustained, a person will move on to another workplace where it is better, and comfortable. Less stress, more worth.

In financial matters, a person with long-term planning will definitely invest some amounts of money to say, a UITF bank account where the money is used by the bank for buying stocks and bonds. That means financial growth in one degree. Another is saving money in time-deposit bank accounts and some fees for merchandising/distributorship. The more stable a financial standing there is, the better is the outcome of one's life.

In academics, graduating in college is not enough. Instead, take post-graduate degrees like masters degree or the doctors degree. Still not satisfied? Take law instead. That means achieving the highest of careers for the sake of glory. Still, don't forget to look back and see the humble beginnings a person starts for there is inspiration in it. Seriously.

Lastly, on the family and love life. Have a stronger bond. Teamwork is the key thing. The plans aforementioned are for the family. And there are plans to spread the love. With that involves loving with a woman with a good reputation, a member of an association with the sense of helping others. And of course, intelligent. Just take note on that.

The point is that the personal interest should be taken in the best achieved as well as the best legal way there is. There are already people colliding with respective conflict of interest all just because of personal interest. Make good things and sacrifice, for there are good fruits for being one of it. Don't forget also to pray and hope for the best of the outcome there is where the strategic plans will work, in God's will.

A run for long-term strategic planning that involves
more benefits among workers.
These kinds of interest pertains to a group, organization or an artificial person where the goals is to achieve the things that is stipulated in their SWOT Analysis plus the Vision and Vision statements, objectives and strategies. This in which the corporate nature of strategic planning is deemed to get applied.

That involves dedication for the job a person is into. Speaking of that, doing a bit complicated activities in the given limited amount of time is indeed a bit difficult on the first try, until it will get on easy as the time goes by. This in which it will take over as an experience upon the person pass and go. And that in which help the organization to worth its growth, affecting its operations and will surely tap it for the future.

Add to that the endless brainstorming among decision-makers, stake-holders, managerial-officers and the board itself whereupon the best mix of ideas come altogether, it will get implemented in sue time as well as it will ensure that such strategic planning, as it is done carefully and patiently, will be that effective to suffice the goals of growth.

Take for instance is the proposal and the implementation for the benefactors program made up by the alumni organization of a school for the scholarship of the students who are well-deserving, full of potential kind with severe financial problems. That in which is indeed strategically laid up in the sense that in terms of long-term planning, an intelligent student who received help from the scholarships will surely graduate. And with that it implies that such investment is indeed worth it.

Organizational strategy cannot be achieved without standards. That in which needs to be considered hardly where it is expected to each and every member to cooperate, improve, and stick to what the long-term strategy suggests to as it is written or implemented by the concerned decision makers. As a plus, principles, international standards, work ethics, societal norms, and sense of urgency will help improving the realization of the strategic plans laid there from the results of conducting feasibility & SWOT analyses. 

Consideration for the workers is seriously needed to have a focus in such a matter where compensation will definitely be made. No wonder, these workhorses are the ones who make the ship afloat and long-term planning to have gone to fruition as for the sake of the company's profitability. In this sense, people do come and go, as usual as the ways opportunity gets arises in the future. 

Simply speaking, strategic planning is deemed great in an organization where its mission and vision statements are mere tip of the iceberg of the things what lies ahead in the organizational path to success. More unto that, it is like a ship's rudder setting on the direction made by the captain of the ship and its officers. And that will not work if not for the workers in the engine room, in the boilers, the hangar, the mess hall, the command room and even the janitors cleaning the ship. Each and everybody has a role to make long-term plans into reality. That in which helping themselves to achieve theirs too. In due time.

A strong force make a nation respectable.
This is the greatest as well as the most fundamental interest when the discussion is all about strategic planning. That is, national interest. In this case, it is all about thinking what's best for the people where thy lives will be done better in the sense that social services, security, economy and education are prioritized in which it will eventually improve the lives of the constituents. But with that to take effect takes time.

Take military acquisition projects for instance. Weapons specs, upon signing a contract, particularly to the large-ticket acquisitions, do take time to built, improve, test and undertake inspections plus ceremonial thing of sorts long before getting commissioned. The same applies to infrastructure and implementation of laws. The effect takes time where the people will not immediately notice the effects.

This is which a foresight on things is badly needed for the leaders since democracy allows people changing the leader of the nation. Without it, a constant change of plans will definitey lead the nation nowhere except short-term plans and several long-term plans getting implemented. And the rest getting shelved due to the fact that it does not suit one's personality.

The strategic planning of these policies all in the sake of the national interest lies on the leader's willingness for the continuity of the program or shall we say, status quo. With that however, lies the under-assumption where the change are constantly done without prior notice, or even spooked out surprise announcements that can either shocked the world in amazement or disappointment. Well, let the diplomats do their part.

In sports arena, grabbing a gold is a matter of national interest, a sense of national pride. Silver and bronze can also apply. That in which sent the message to the rest that the people, united under one banner, do have an athlete that serves as an inspiration to have more breeds. And with that, in order to breed more of these kind of athletes, strategic planning is needed where trainings, time, money, uniforms, accomodation and more are the means of investment where the fruits of it are indeed worth for the nation.

Security matters, in all senses, are made to get planned strategically not only on time frames, but as well strategic geographical locations. Getting funds for deterrence is a long-term one which it includes ordering and building weapons and arms to defend the whole nation from threats inside and outside the country. That in which is deemed a nice consideration since mutiple threats arises where the national safety lies at stake.

In lay man's term, it is simple to say that in order to have an effective national interest, there must be affirmity as well as strategic planning in the sense that each and every laws implemented, business getting a deal, taxes getting paid, roads being built, weapons being acquired and people provided with jobs are implemented where everybody benefits. Hence, an ideal and prosperous nation arises all thanks to strategic planning.


The point here is simple for everybody to understand. Long-term strategic planning is ideal in the sense that the interest of each and everybody, both individuals or groups alike, use it as a guide where one determines which is best and stirs for it in order to attain the full greatness there is. In this case, it drives a person's passion to grab more opportunities, have more blessings and most of all, strive for the best. With this, one can witness the full potential, the capabilities a person possess where it is used for the betterment of all stakeholders. Overall, everybody ends a day with a smile and a thinking where all of those sacrifices, no matter how hard it is, will worth at all in the end.


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