Saturday, July 2, 2016

The Toughest of Life Journey

Life, at its lowest point is deemed tough to cope with and as well depressing. Speaking of which, relatives implying the negative aggravates it further.

Of Emotions and Ideas

The journey of life is indeed much difficult than ever before, that most people will definitely relate for it as the time goes by. Speaking of which, the higher the level a person climbs, so as the difficulty of life increases. That is indeed true for the people who have careers in life who want more. The challenge is there, pushing to the very limit of the self, pushing beyond the comfort zone of an individual which makes no choice but to decide on radical ideas where it is so risky to get done as per the economies of scale due bear the opportunities and potentials getting tapped slowly but surely.

People around us are expecting something else. Either it may be the better or worse of what it is to be citing their own respective viewpoints. All of which have their own successes and their own respective failures, so as to say. However, not all ideas are deemed commendable citing that the heart is not favorable to their ideas and instead it looks on something else that cherish the satisfaction of the very own. Thus, efforts are indeed materialized and ways of doing it are indeed researched and advised well so as things will get done. All of that will never be possible thanks to the people who are trustworthy to do the job, who are in the serious note they are commendable as they were.

Plans are not meant to get publicized, yes. If sensitive plans are categorized as OPSEC by most people (OPSEC refers as operations security), the same applies to the self. This ain't no six-month plan nor six-year plans or the equivalent. This is about making surprises about hidden abilities that will be made out of the plans never get heard by anyone except to the ones trusted the most. It make things unpredictable and as well surprising. It was as if playing chess where the tables are turning into the favor of the self and plans, gone secret were made out flawlessly without notice. To correlate things up, it was like embarking on a submarine lurking into the deep where no one notices until it will surface up where they surprised up.

Life careers are an extension of mere personalities regarding to the self; a big plus for relationships that are for pragmatic people. However, into the eyes of the unemployed, sad to say, I have nothing to prove --yet. So is the dreams will remain dreams about a girl whose wit and beauty are ideal and her principles are deemed good, so as to say. The past tainted relations a bit, and today it was nothing more than a barren wasteland. It takes time until it become a garden once again, so as to say. Estimated time average: four to six years at mere period.

In the meantime, with all of these things are still in the pipeline, getting materialized, it is realizable that patience is indeed a virtue. We cannot go immediately at step ten without passing through step two or three. Every journey starts a single step, they say. And some people say that riding an elevator is the best thing to do. Honest to say, it was nothing more than a sales talk. In an elevator, it was still a journey that deals with steps. One cannot go to the one-hundredth floor of the Empire State Building without passing at the second floor or third floor. Thus, it only made a bit easy to get done where it still takes time. So much for the impatient. 

Delays and failures cannot be afforded this time, where resources where stretched miles apart where it costs a lot of fortune enough to operate a home in a month. Honest to say, that is a perk of those people on the brink of being poor. The thing is, there is still a lot to grab on, where financial capabilities are stable once again. It only takes time and effort so as to say. And things are really made up where the principles are as strong as this one. Nobody can ever break a principle, honest to say. It is as suggestive to stay up to the ideals of humble service and simplistic forms of excellence without ever bragging at it. These are spoke out from the heart.



The toughest of journeys are still journeys worth of thrill, and such person travelling along the way will understand all of the undertakings of what it is to be a human being living in this stressful, problematic world. Reality goes at is seems, but there is still a reason to have a laugh on. Honest to say, one is not alone in these things. Most people are related in these undertakings. Such ideals come from experience and was written with feelings. These are the way to channel out emotions though, and thus it was deemed beneficial to impart such knowledge.


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